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‘just wanted to circle back here’. music promotion and distribution. clothing design. ‘following up from my last message’. Who’s that? Brown.
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From @maggieNYT
And we're live! Join @anniekarni @nytmike @charlie_savage @npfandos @hillhulse @peterbakernyt @kenvogel and me her…
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From @griffinsounds
@maggieNYT @anniekarni @nytmike @charlie_savage @npfandos @hillhulse @peterbakernyt @kenvogel Say hi to your buddy…
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.@griffinsounds: very simple questions I can think up in my sleep would greatly undercut Trump to his base: how the "wall" would fail, his PR failures... Despite endless access, @maggieNYT has never asked him a tough question. Point it out to those who think she's a journalist.