John Edwards judgment highly questionable (Amanda Marcotte)

From our "it's the small things, ain't it" department comes the news that the John Edwards campaign has brought on Amanda Marcotte as their "Blogmaster". Marcotte is a contributor to the site, and has all the grasp of current events, rationality, and decorum of a schizophrenic, homeless, "History of Womyn's Studies" major. (No offense meant to those who are schizophrenic or homeless.)

There are at least a few leftwing bloggers who are capable of digging into a subject, and at least a few who are mostly rational. The fact that the Edwards campaign would choose Marcotte is an early indicator that they have absolutely no clue.

You can read a sample post here (my reply is under the name "IllegalImmigrationIntroduction") and more past instances of her brilliant thinking here:

UPDATE: "Shakes" from "Shakespeare's Sister" has joined the Edwards campaign as their "Netroots Coordinator". In contrast to Marcotte, she's just a deluded "liberal".

2/2/07 UPDATE: That didn't take long. As detailed in this barely-coherent post, Marcotte has been caught trying to scrub just one of the embarassing posts from pandagon.

2/4/07 UPDATE: Someone spent five minutes or so compiling just some of her more embarassing idiotic statements here.


So, will she be guest blogging here anytime soon?


She closed her comments. I guess the light of day was too bright for her.

Anyway, here was my comment to this non-astute, butch political hack:

I don't suppose you mind if I come into your home and demand free cable (education), raid your refrigerator (WIC and food stamps) and while I am at it, use all your toilet paper and make a mess of your bathroom (free medical care) while making you pay for it (tax dollars). All the while I am going to make you pay for your own cable, perishable items and toilet paper, as well as mine.

Give me your address, I'll be right over to create my own homestead in your home, lunatic.

And by the way, most of the people currently being displaced are already doing these jobs, and have always done them: Americans. If Mexicans want jobs, they can do them where they have a legal right to work: Mexico.

Since when are lefties in support of a policy which benefits rich corporations and illegal behavior that creates a disparity between rich and poor? Since when have the lefties declared war on the middle class at the expense of middle class Americans?

Answer: since time immemorial. Way to root for the rich at the expense of the poor, goddamn retards.