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Cristina Jiménez
New York, NY
#Ecuador made. #NYC raised. Proud #Immigrant #Latina Organizer. Strategist. Can't wait for freedom. Co-founder/ED @UNITEDWEDREAM @UWDAction. Views= my own.
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@CrisAlexJimenez I wouldn't call it racist. I WILL however call it worthless.
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.@Musetrigger: the key issue about Trump's Slats is that Congress would tear them down or neglect upkeep as soon as he's out of office. Jackie Speier has already admitted that. Trump can get away with his "wall" shtick because no one in the MSM calls him or his proxies on that.
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From @CrisAlexJimenez
Longest shutdown ever is temporarily over after impacting 800k workers/families. All for a racist wall. Negotiati…
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@CrisAlexJimenez @womensmarch The wall is not racist. The wall is for the protection of our border, and to help mai…
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.@Zephyr75080: if you want to undercut @CrisAlexJimenez, point out to her fans how closely she's aligned with Trump, Koch, U.S. Chamber, WalMart, etc. All of them would increase the labor supply & thereby decrease wages for U.S. workers. Yes, that includes Trump.