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“If men are free they are not equal, and if they are equal they are not free.” #conservative #exmuslim #Turk #nationalist #legalmigrant
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From @TOOEdit
The left in the West is increasingly authoritarian, especially on college campuses where dissenters are publicly sh…
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From @TOOEdit
Liberals cheer as White identitarians are de-platformed, and broadly defined “hate speech” is increasingly subject…
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From @SPQR43961077
@TOOEdit I can’t wait till the same laws apply to them. You shouldn’t show mercy to an enemy that showed you none.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SPQR43961077: the Kochs started #Teaparty in 2002. After they revived it in 2009, @TOOEdit jumped on board the anti-/un-American fiscal con crazy train rather than, say, morphing into a smart, sane, pro-American Red Tory stance. Like Trump if he took the crayon out of his brain