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Travel the country working with business bankers to better understand needs of small businesses. Love life and family. Recent Political Maniac!
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MT @kausmickey: "Most popular position was...outright moratorium on all immigration until border is proven secure."
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From @vfroe
@ByronYork @SmillingHK @kausmickey // Without secure borders a nation doesn't even exist, just land and water,
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From @winojanet
@ByronYork @kausmickey but it's more than building a wall. Not a bloated ACA type bill that president enforces just the easy or prefer part
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.@winojanet: @KausMickey is trying to scam you. He wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens; all we need is attrition. #tcot #teaparty
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@vfroe: Kaus would legalize millions of illegal aliens, you know that, right?