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Laura Fin
San Francisco
Dogs, nature, enterprise tech, Yankees ⚾️ and wine; not necessary in that order. Opinions are my own and may be influenced by any of the above.
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From @morningmoneyben
“The authorities said they were investigating a manifesto Mr. Crusius, who is white, may have posted before the sho…
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From @LFininSF
@morningmoneyben @JohnJHarwood February 15, 2019 “Trump Declares National Emergency Because of ‘Invasion’ at Border…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LFininSF: Trump's a big amnesty fan, so your attempt to pin #ElPaso on him falls apart. What you should do is follow the money, specifically @morningmoneyben 's salary. If he ever opposed the Big Biz loose borders agenda he'd be out of a job. So, he pushes their agenda 25/7.