Tom Brokaw, pro-illegal immigration hack

Tonight, Tom Brokaw is hosting "In the Shadow of the American Dream" on NBC. As a preview, he offers "Indisputable points in the immigration debate" (also here). The pro-illegal immigration points could be disputed, such as this:

In many parts of the country immigrants are doing the work Americans no longer want to do, especially the hard work of manual labor at construction sites.

I highly doubt that "want to do" comports with reality. Rather, Americans have been driven out of the market due to illegal aliens being willing to work for a lower wage or with lower safety requirements and also by forming networks. Here's just one example. He goes on to advocate for unnamed "urgent action in Congress" that sounds an awful like "comprehensive immigration reform." This page also disputes his various "indisputable points".

Obviously, Brokaw doesn't know what he's talking about, and he's simply a pro-illegal immigration hack and not a real journalist. Even the NYT's review admits that "this is no expose... [v]aried views are dutifully represented, but this is at heart a pro-immigrant program..."

Debbie Schlussel's review is even less kind. NewsBusters has a clip of his promotional appearance on the Today show and a discussion of his pro-amnesty statements, including his incorrect statement that remittances to Mexico are only $8 billion per year (they're actually >$20 billion). The Stein Reports' commenters have more.

If anyone knows anyone who's part of the Nielsen survey, please urge them to watch something else.

UPDATE: VDare comments here. Showing just how little he knows, the Washington Post's Tom Shales praises the propaganda piece, conflates "illegal aliens" with "Hispanic", and even says this:

President Bush, who likes to call himself a "compassionate person," certainly doesn't sound compassionate in an excerpt from a surly speech on immigration that he gave earlier this year.

If Tom Brokaw ever gives a speech near you, I urge you to try to publicly ask him a question about his "documentary", perhaps concentrating on one of his "indisputable" points. If a local reporter or similar interviews Brokaw, contact them and suggest they do the same or ask them why they didn't.

And, like Debbie, I suggest doing the same with his helpers: David Corvo (executive producer), Soraya Gage (producer), Joyce Cordero and Leonor Ayala (field producers), Liz Bowyer (editorial producer), Erika Beck (researcher).


Just picked up a link on another site. Tom Brokaw is on the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Look it up. Those who would bring us mass amnesty, NAFTA, SPP, and the NAU. NBC somehow just missed that little "disclaimer", that we were about to be treated to one hour of government directed propaganda. MSM has fallen to a new low. Are NBC's ratings as dismal as Jorge's, that they have to stoop this low?

HossInReno, ITS All about money for the one world rats who hate our freedoms!, "like we have any freedoms", face facts the pigs in mexico city are useing the little mexican people as attack troops and the money is going to the Aztlan rats who are now part of this pig government who hate our freedoms, just look at this rat Brokaw ask who is he? if rats inside this low life government could make people on earth so called American the rats would. by the way one more cop in o'side was killed by some mexican yesterday, that makes two cops killed in one year in a city that has never had a cop killed in 100 years, don't you just love the third world? by the way when the rats from mexico have the power many non hispanic will be killed off one by one for race and political reason, guys not woman who can make good little mexicans, and may God help you all inside the coming evil of the third worlds hell.

Immigration??? They are not immigrants! They are law breakers! If you get caught here in America illegally you get a free ride to the border. If you get caught going into a movie without paying you get a year in jail.What the heck is that about?? Lets just put machine guns on the border and shoot the bastards..Yes I said it! and shoot the companies who hire them!!!!

No serious facts, truth or balanced reporting. Just more McAmnesty tripe from the socialist government propaganda machines (ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS). More Americans murdered by illegals than died in all of both Iraq wars? L.A.'s mayor handing over his city to Mexican authority? Won't hear it tonight.

In many parts of the country immigrants are doing the work Americans no longer want to do, especially the hard work of manual labor at construction sites.

I'd like to know exactly what kind of careers Brokaw is envisioning for native born whites and blacks with IQ's on the left half of the bell curve. Meth addict? Mugger? SSI recipient?

it should be called "How Mexico made the USA Into a third world country", becuase that is what is happening, but guy like Tom Brokaw will always have money and live the good life in Mexico City.
and so will the rats that we call our political Leaders, who are nothing but drug dealers and mass killers for the love of the third world.

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