Illegal aliens, supporters call for moratorium on deportations (LULAC)

From our "pickpockets call for moratorium on laws against pickpocketing" file comes a trio of - possibly loosely coordinated - stories about illegal aliens or supporters of illegal immigration calling for a moratorium on raids and deportations until such time as "comprehensive immigration reform" is passed.

First up is the noxious League of United Latin American Citizens and their national president Rosa Rosales. Speaking in San Antonio, Michelle Roberts of AP quotes her as saying:
"We would like the raids to stop - a moratorium on them - until we can come up with comprehensive immigration reform."
What happens after "reform" is passed, millions of new illegal aliens come here, and raids - such as those presumably included in the "reform" bill - are conducted? Does anyone in their right mind think that LULAC would then approve of those raids? Is there anyone who cannot hear LULAC saying what they're saying now in that case? Should anything they say be trusted?

The same article quotes another illegal immigration supporter, "Jaime Martinez, president of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, a division of the AFL-CIO". And, it includes this slight clue that the Bush administration is much closer to LULAC's thinking than that of the vast majority of Americans:
Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Marc Raimondi said that although Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has made it clear that comprehensive immigration reform is necessary, the agency must enforce the law.
Next come the far-lefties, hiding behind selective readings of the Bible. A group of "community activists" spoke in Omaha:
"People were asking for mercy. It was not mercy. It was so painful. It was so sad," said Jorge Canelas, of the Cathedral of St. Mary's Church...

..."The Episcopal Church recognizes the importance of secure borders, but we also believe our nation must not abandon its commitment to principles of justness and fairness toward those who come to our shores for legitimate reasons," said the Rev. Joe Burnett, of the Bishop of the Northeast Episcopal Diocese...

..."When you disrupt a family, you disrupt the lives of children," said Tom Harvey, of Omaha Public Schools...

..."We need the people who migrate here. We need their culture. We need the rich gifts they bring. We depend upon that so that our culture continues to grow in diversity," said the Rev. Andrew Alexander, of Creighton University...
Finally, Lyanne Melendez of KGO-TV offers the not-at-all coherent report "Day Laborers Denounce Recent Immigration Raids". If illegal aliens are opposed to enforcement of our laws, where does the problem lie? Their news director Kevin Keeshan has a blog, so let's all clue him in:

UPDATE: Here's more from Rosa Rosales and from Carla Vela, Chair of the Democratic Party of Bexar County.


its really all over with, the system will totally collapse, and that is what the rats want above all other things, but understand one fact when the mexican (read Reds ) Have the power and can do anything you will understand what its really is all about, and may God Help you all.
and is cheney family values that different from the manson family values of mass killings for race and political reasons? but hell old dick Cheney looks good like he is in with the partridge family, maybe his wife has a thing for the other wife? its really over with, next stop the camp system for all families.

How's that for brilliant moral reasoning; we mustn't disrupt families because children's lives get discombobulated.
I don't remember that line being applied to arrests and imprisonments in general.
Since when is having relatives an exemption from penalties?
It sounds like propaganda along the lines of Bush's family values, as if the right had to swallow anything that was called family.
Manson family values, crime family values, Partridge family values, Cheney family values, all of it imagined to be magically acceptable just because someone said family.