Amnesty supporter Mel Martinez to head Republican National Committee

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Florida Senator Mel Martinez will be the new head of the Republican National Committee ("RNC"), sources say. He'll be continuing as a Senator, with the day-to-day operations handled by someone else.

Martinez is the co-sponsor of the Senate amnesty bill (2611), also called the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006" or simply "Hagel-Martinez". In 2004, he opposed amnesty, now he's a strong supporter.

He's perfect for the Bush vision of the GOP, but abysmal for the U.S. Hopefully a third party will form that will offer an alternative, because this move makes the GOP even less attractive than they were before.

Of course, this move will probably come as a blow to another one of Bush's (presumed) top picks, and someone who - unlike Mel - will soon retire from his current position: Vicente Fox.


He'll be continuing as a Senator, with the day-to-day operations handled by someone else.

IOW, it's a position and not a real job. He's a figurehead. Nice to see it put so directly for a change. As to why him: I doubt it's because he's Mr Amnesty (or 'earned legalization, whatever you want to call it). But you never know...the party is looking a little weak, presidential candidate in 2008-wise. Even considering the likely opposition.

With stupid leadership like this, I predict even fewer republicans in office in 2008. Sometimes I wonder if we will even have a government in 2008. Maybe chaos and anarchy is next. Meanwhile, RNC just doesn't get it. NO AMNESTY. No guest workers. No NAU. No SPP. No NAFTA. YES to a United States of America, borders included. And enforced.

so the mexican drug dealers own our government didn't anyone see that coming 10 years ago, how many times do you have to be told? within 10 years the hate race of the third worlds people and poiltical ideals will be well understood but by that time you may as well be dead, the evil acts will be so in your face you will not be able to walk away and stay alive. buy guns! its coming and when it hits, And may God help you all.