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Fisher_TX Progressive Democratic Activist.
Freeport, TX
4th generation of a family from Texas coast. Lifelong Democrat. Former Congressional Candidate in TX14 Endorsing @AdrBell #TurnTexasBlue
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From @JRubinBlogger
why can't we have nice things? Oh, the country elected an ignorant and incompetent narcissist
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From @fisher_tx14
@JRubinBlogger It can be done. So many innovative US companies who can buy off the shelf items or fabricate from pl…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
JR's always had the ability to actually do something to hold Trump accountable, she just doesn't have the interest, the experience, the smarts, or the patriotism. MT @fisher_tx14 MT @JRubinBlogger [UK car mfrs might make ventilators + Trump bad man]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@fisher_tx14: @JRubinBlogger must demand those with access to Trump officials to press them on the record for specific deliverables: X ventilators in Y days, etc. They need to put those officials' careers on the line & demand performance. When she won't, help me discredit her.