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NY Times storyteller. I'm hosting The BOX Sessions, an arts and ideas gathering, in Feb. 2020 and you're invited! My virtual home is Instagram.
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The Growing Threat to Journalism Around the World
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@JohnBranchNYT this was really well said.
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And we thought the Amish had a problem with their limited circle. Get out more, see some Kentucky Amish. RT @lauramholson [of NYT] this was really well said. MT @JohnBranchNYT [of NYT] [hypes a Sulzberger OpEd in the NYT]
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.@lauramholson: in 2017, you blogged about John Dean. I called it a fluff piece to @glennf, who then blocked me because that's what weaklings like him do. There's nothing about policy in your blog, even though that's where Trump is weakest.