Chicago illegal immigration march organizer is PRD official

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One of the organizers of the March 10 illegal immigration march in Chicago is an official with Mexico's PRD Party. Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, and mayor Richard M. Daley all attended and spoke at that rally.

This is yet another link between the Democratic Party and Mexican political parties. The official in question is Jorge Mujica.

He's identified here as a spokesman for the March 10 Committee (also called the "Diez de Marzo" committee).

And, he's identified here as a former reporter for the weekly newspaper 'La Raza'. (The paper in which Dick Durbin refered to Mexican citizens and himself as "we").

And, he's identified here as:

Jorge Mujica, secretary-general of the PRD in Illinois

Note also that both Gutierrez and Mujica spoke at yesterday's rally; the latter's role in today's version is unknown.

Blago, Gutierrez, and Daley are all Democrats, and until such time as the Democratic Party censures them for attending a rally organized in part by a representative of a foreign political party, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that the Democratic Party fully supports such links.


you do know about chicago and its well known corruption it is sad that you can buy a city in this day and age but that is what drug dealers from mexico will do.