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New Mexico
Retired Learning Development Consultant (AEP). We moved from Ohio to New Mexico and enjoy bicycle riding and skiing.
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On MSNBC, @NicolleDWallace is hosting one of the best conversations on Trump that I've seen on cable news ever, wit…
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From @JoanAnzelmo
@ErikWemple @NicolleDWallace @jheil Yes indeed! Nicole is the best.
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From @JZ_nm
@ErikWemple @NicolleDWallace @jheil Watched it. They really challenged Walsh. Now do Graham.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JZ_nm: no one in the MSM has ever challenged a leader on anything, least of all @ErikWemple or @jheil. E.g., Congress will neglect/demolish Trump's signature issue when he's out of office. Calling him on it would destroy him to his base. Have they done it?