Don Goldwater's "concentration camps": a setup by illegal immigration supporters

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Arizona gubanatorial candidate Don Goldwater has received well-deserved condemnation of his calls for "concentration camps" for illegal aliens from such stalwart Americans as John McCain (R-AZ) and Jim Kolbe (R-AZ).

However, there's just one problem: Goldwater didn't call for "concentration camps"; that phrase came from the state-run Spanish news agency EFE when reporting on his comments.

The original article is at Their report reads like something from a tabloid TV show that engages in highly selective editing:

Proponen campos de concentracion para inmigrantes indocumentados
Phoenix (Arizona), 21 jun (EFE).- El aspirante republicano a la gobernacion de Arizona, Don Goldwater, propuso el establecimiento de campos de concentracion para inmigrantes indocumentados cerca de la frontera, a quienes se les obligaría a construir el muro fronterizo.
Goldwater afirmo recientemente que su intencion es detener a los indocumentados en campos de concentracion para usarlos "como mano de obra en la construccion de un muro y limpiar las areas del desierto de Arizona que ensucian a su paso..."

There isn't much more to it. Specifically, there are no damning quotes such as one might expect to find from an article that leads with the "concentration camps" claim.

In fact, the sharp-eyed reader of the AP write-up is given a bit of a clue:

The article described Goldwater's plan as a "concentration camp" for migrants.

If I describe the AP as a Communist organization, does that make it true?

This appears to be a case of EFE playing fast and loose with their journalistic credibility, and supporters of illegal immigration such as the AP, McCain, Kolbe, and the WaPo are eager to jump on board.


Allow me to translate the above confused mess: "The gringo's law is meaningless to us, we defecate on it."

I am a student at the University of North Texas and I am appalled by your comments. No, Mexicans are not trying to set up their own country here, most Latinos/Mexicans that come to this country are here to work! Not to hurt us. Oh, I'm sorry, I dont know if I can call it my country as well! And Mexico is not a third world country! You need to educate yourself and do your research. You guys need to overcome your xenophobia, demographics are not lying, yes we are growing but why are you so afraid? It's simply ridicolous to even consider the idea of these "work camps," I mean, are we going back to the Hitler era Mr. Goldwater?? Immigrants are people too, it does not matter if legal or not, you dont complain over the billions of dollars they have contributed to social security do you? We're not going to allow injustices occur any longer! It's about time the great sleeping giant awoke! and its not going back to sleep any time soon gentlemen!


What's wrong with Don Goldwater's get a grip on it solution of having non-violent convicted felons construct an AZ / Mexico border fence, instead of letting them while away their incarceration lifting weights, tatooing themselves and watching Oprah?

He got it right if you ask me -- and, if any other Arizonans out there in the Blog World agree with me -- please fill out and send Don Goldwater $5 to enable him to win the primary and go onto beat Napolitano in November. You can locate the form on his website.

In all candor, I truly believe that Goldwater's get a GRIP on it solution to combating against illegal immigration makes tons more sense than Sen. John McCain's proposed Guest Amnesty Soon Plan (GASP), don't you?


Az Native

its over with the system is winning and people will just stand by a watch this place become hell on earth, and yes Charles we know its happened but do you see anyone muching? the people don't care about anything and that is normal in any third world non nation its total third world enslavement and it will start next, sad fact to bad say bye to your freedom. but people must want to be inside a mexican slave state, sheeple we all are now! next the camp syatem for reeducation. by the way charles i have 2 months of food.

This is a call to all Americans. We are on the brink of a CIVIL WAR. The media has been suppressed for about 2 weeks (ever since the North American Union plan came out). Please go to and review that site indepth. Also, be sure to watch the Paul Revere Ride video. Since the news is suppressed, please, please refer everyone you know about this site. Go door to door in your neighborhoods. Stock up on food, water, batteries, clothing, arms, etc. Be prepared for anything. God bless us and God bless America!

guys, guys! you are being setup for the political camps syatem, the spanish news agency EFE Is a tool of the state, and the king of the spanish are playing to the brown people of mexico who are not spanish, the fact is all the mexicans want is be build a new nation here and put you inside a concentration camp.
soon the pigs like murtha and rats like McCain and many others will be eager as hell to start to do just that. watch your backs boys the time is coming when thinking or acting like a american will put YOU INSIDE THE CAMP SYSTEM.

See it for what it is! but also understand that mass population is a weapon and the third world's people are a great weapon against freedom.

""como mano de obra en la construccion de un muro y limpiar las areas del desierto de Arizona que ensucian a su paso..."
US citizens and legal residents should be used to build the wall, but I see nothing wrong in having these lawbreakers clean up the foul mess they have left in the desert.

The illegal immigrationists are bringing out their big guns again: immigration restriction=mass deportation=nazism=concentration camps and mass murder.
This is one way anyone can know that there is no rational argument available to the illegal immigrationists.
If they had an effective one, they would use it.
Do these mexico-firsters realize how completely they have damned Mexico; implicitly comparing it to a gas chamber?
Again the pattern of such liberal unreason is repeated like flocked wallpapper: ad hominem, slippery slope, false dilemma, all thrown together in lurid dying color.