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Samantha McGarry
Framingham, Mass
Mom, optimist, SVP @InkHousePR, @MomsDemand (Metrowest MA lead) Brit in the USA. Happiest dancing or eating cheese #EndGunViolence
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From @megangarber
I just spent many minutes staring at this blankly, hoping I’d misread. I really wish I’d misread.…
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@megangarber @samanthamcgarry The whole Admin has been propping up this total madness.
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.@LaurenMoms: Trump's horrific, but @megangarber is paid by Lauren Jobs to push anti-American NeoLiberal policies that make her even more money. That's what this is all about. It's possible to oppose *both* Trump's shtick/inhumane plans *and* child labor exploiters like Jobs.