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Retired engineer, husband, father and data driven
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From @RonWyden
Whenever laws are passed to put the government in control of speech, the people who get hurt are the least powerful…
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From @RonWyden
If Congress somehow were to amend the First Amendment and ban hate speech from the Internet, I’m certain Donald Tru…
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From @JohnHall2946
@RonWyden And I'm just as sure people like Schiff/Nadler/Pelosi and others on the left would do so. Some of them h…
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.@JohnHall2946: politics is multidimensional. Those who want to censor are totalitarians, something both cons & cons can be. I couldn't see the whole @RonWyden blog since it's at WaPo, but I'd be surprised if he truly supports true open debate.