New York Times' Simon Romero does Rob Allyn's work for him

Simon Romero of the New York Times offers a profile of Rob Allyn, the Dallas political strategist who's been hired by Mexico to burnish their image in the U.S.: "Republican Strategist Is Taking Heat for Taking Mexico as Client".

The profile reads like it could have been written by Allyn himself, including this bit about HR 4437:

Even some of the bill's supporters acknowledge that its requirements, once considered on the extreme fringe of the immigration debate, will make approval difficult in the Senate.


Paramount among the Mexican government's concerns these days is fighting anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States.

Oddly enough, I missed the part of the article where they actually did any real reporting. Perhaps that's because it's in the NYT, or perhaps because of the ethnicity of the reporter, or perhaps because it's in the business section.

I'm sure the NYT will correct that problem in short order. I'm sure they'll look into Allyn's connections with the Bush family and see whether this is all part of a scheme by Fox and Bush to sell the U.S. on a guest worker plan. I'm sure they'll ask Allyn whether he is or will register as a Foreign Agent. I'm sure they can think up all the other things to ask someone who's going to be spreading propaganda designed to make massive illegal immigration acceptable.

I'm sure the NYT will do that, because otherwise they'd just be a propaganda rag.

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The Mexican government is opposing anti-aggression values in the US.