Mexico agitating international community, Fifth Columnists against U.S.

Mexico is in a snit about HR 4437, the still-pending bill that would build 700 miles of wall along our border, and they intend to take steps to make sure it's not built.

While some might laugh at, downplay, or ignore what Mexico plans to do, it represents a significant threat to the U.S. And, if we build the wall or take other steps to reinforce our sovereignty over our country, they will probably step up the pressure. According to foreign secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez:

"Mexico is not going to bear, it is not going to permit, and it will not allow a stupid thing like this wall... ...What has to be done is to raise a storm of criticism, as is already happening, against this."

We're informed that he intends to "turn the international community against the plan".

They've also hired a Dallas-based PR firm, Allyn & Company, led by Rob Allyn, to polish their image. And, as previously discussed, Mexico is trying to rally Fifth Columnists inside the U.S. to its cause. And, they've been airing radio ads in Mexico:

"Had a labor accident in the United States? You have rights ... Call," reads the ad, sponsored by Mexico's Foreign Relations Department, which has helped migrants bring compensation suits in the United States.

It's just a couple small steps from these moves to directly agitating their citizens inside the U.S.

However, the only reason that's a threat is because of the Fifth Column inside the U.S.

While the far-left, politicians, and businesspeople do have a great deal of power on their own, there is one thing that can make or break them: the media. If most of the media were opponents rather than supporters of massive illegal immigration, those other groups would have far less power.

So, in order to reduce the threat of Mexico, I suggest that you work to completely discredit the many media sources that ignore or support massive illegal immigration.



To all you guys who have discriminated this is another understanding from my point of view. These are my facts, first of all the United States was built on immigrants, white people crossed the ocean why do they call us wetbacks?
black people became the main source in the south, chinese, and Mexican became the main source for the west. With out Mexicans, chinese, blacks etc... the united states would be nothing just a struggling country trying to survive off of what they can find. There would be no army no food basicly nothing without immigrants and you white people should know you are the most immagrant people there is. VIVA LA RAZA MEXICANA!!!!

What Fox and rats want is for this nation to hand over its money and jobs and life to the mexican oligarchies and its been orchestrating evil acts here for over 30 years, with drug money buying off political people inside our non government, the mass hate that the mexican people have is not looked on by millions of non hispanics but for one reason mexicans mean money for a hand full of people.

the fact is i have been yelling about the mass evil fifth columnists for years now, and soon you will see the hate race propaganda coming out of mexico city and the rats inside our government who love the ideals of the mexican\american oliarchies, who want one thing from you, your life as a free people who can think. watch the evil mexican lobbyists in the coming weeks see who gets the money and watch out for the loyalist of mexico and the third world rats. we will see fighting inside the usa if people stand up and say no to mexico and that will not by good but we may need to see death and blood for our ideals of a free people.

remember if you were in mexico city on 9-11-01 you would have seem a party in the streets, is that telling you something?