LULAC criticizes Mexico's pro-illegal immigration propaganda

The League of United Latin American Citizens is complaining about Mexico's choice of Rob Allyn to promote their country. To show you just where their loyalties lie, this is their complaint:
Hector Flores, national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, said he understands that Mr. Allyn goes to work for whoever pays him. "That's the American way," Mr. Flores said.

However, he stressed that there are 41.3 million Hispanics in the U.S., and many of them are capable of the task.

"The Mexican government should have worked to provide this opportunity to a Hispanic business. LULAC is always trying to find ways to open the doors for Hispanics; the Mexican government should do the same," Mr. Flores said.
It used to be that questioning someone's patriotism was considered a grievous insult, and that groups would work as hard as possible to show that they were loyal U.S. citizens. Nowadays, well, things are bit more "fluid", aren't they?

The article quotes someone even more questionable:
...Carlos Quintanilla, a businessman from Dallas who is active in community issues, called a news conference outside the Mexican Consulate to complain that Mr. Allyn was chosen over a Mexican or a Mexican-American.

"I think that Vicente Fox's intentions were good, but his choice was erroneous," Mr. Quintanilla said. "I think a Mexican knows best how our people have suffered and can better convey that message to the American public."

He suggested that the Mexican government would have been better served by asking Mexican or Mexican-American firms to collectively design a plan to counter plans against illegal immigration — such as U.S. congressional proposals to build a fence at the Mexican border and place more Border Patrol agents there.

Mr. Quintanilla added that he and others would start making telephone calls to the Mexican government so it can "analyze" the contract made with Mr. Allyn...
He's also quoted here:
"You don't promote Mexico by giving a contract to a friend who helped get you elected six years ago," said Carlos Quintanilla, a Dallas entrepreneur who has publicly criticized Mr. Allyn's deal with Mexico's foreign ministry. "You don't need an Anglo to advance Mexico's interests in the United States. It's a regression and a disconnect."


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