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Support Tim Donnelly for Congress, win a gun via @examinercom @TimDonnellyShow @RepPaulCook #TCOT #Elections2016
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And a 30 pack of Brawndo. #idiocracy #California MT @iePoliticsNow Support Tim Donnelly for Congress, win a gun
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From @plmyers
RT @coff33loveit: White House conference call reveals nefarious plans for U.S. via @examinercom #immigration TAKE OV…
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.@Plmyers: in Nov. I told you how to stop amnesty; if you'd done it Obama would have lost. Why didn't you do it? @coff33loveit
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What 2014 midterms mean for immigration or amnesty via @examinercom
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.@kimberlydvorak: would a viral video be good for your career? Ask a pol an anti-amnesty question & you'll get one: