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Karolin Schwarz
Berlin, Deutschland
Author @herder_verlag / Journo / Trainer / covers the far right, CYBER, disinformation / @hoaxmap / @Filterbabbel / Schabernack / Threema: 6MPX5TJC
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From @raeuberhose
I will not get tired of repeating myself: One of the worst mistakes is to only focus on disinformation - be it fore…
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From @raeuberhose
“There were more tweets in the year after the election than there were in the year before the election,” Warren sai…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@raeuberhose: Warren is very pro-Big Biz on #immigration, yet Dems/GOP/MSM won't point that out. Is that disinfo? MSM pushes "crops rotting in the fields" tales. Is that disinfo? Wouldn't lumping dissenters in with RU influence operators as "trolls" make Honecker proud?