Daniel Griswold's libertarian fantasy world

Dan Griswold is with the Cato Institute, and he appeared on KFI's John and Ken Show yesterday. You can hear his interview in their audio archives.

The interview concerned immigration and Bush's temporary worker plan. In a perfect world, people like Griswold would be considered extremist nuts. Unfortunately, in president Bush's world, people like him help set policy.

A heating contractor called in and said that in 1984 HVAC installers earned $21 an hour, but today they earn just $18 an hour. With inflation, that $21 would become $38. He said that illegal aliens were willing to work for $12 an hour because they lived three families to a house and drove a piece of crap car.

Griswold immediately threw down the race card, saying to John and Ken that they were "stoking some very ugly stereotypes" and that they were trying to "rile things up with inflammatory rhetoric".

Just one problem: the caller is correct, and Griswold is wrong. Whether it's just because he's willing to deny all of the evidence that his lunatic libertarian ideas are completely wrong, or because he's ignorant is not known. However, he, Bush, and all those on that side are on the other side from the vast majority of Americans.


Ugly stereotypes? Sounds to me like that's another way of saying "behavior everyone knows is commonplace but you can't talk about."

Damn those Mexicans and their frugality!


Keep up the great work... By the time the rest of the ignorant politically correct *ussies wake up, it will be way to late for them to stop their kids from being stalked at their own schools.. then, like the MORONS in Louisiana after the Hurricane...they'll blame the Government for not protecting them.. As all along.. they've been playing the race card.. and we see how that hand has been playing out for years..... Death, poverty, crime, excuses and fodder for corrupt politicians. Time to stand up people.