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God's hands
creative writing major. SF 49ers
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From @JimmyGQ10
@NFL @JimmyG_10 @dmainy_13 @nflnetwork @NFLonFOX @PrimeVideo Not bad for a game manager
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JimmyGQ10: kneeball - aka @NFL - is a joke of a sport. All these passes & runs are like what real football - aka soccer - players do. Except kneeball takes 30s to 10m between each worthless play because they need a politburo to direct everything their "athletes" do.
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From @NFL
.@JimmyG_10 throws his fourth TD of the night! A 21-yard toss to Dante Pettis @dmainy_13 #GoNiners : #SFvsAZ o…
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From @joe_manniello
@NFL @JimmyG_10 @dmainy_13 @nflnetwork @NFLonFOX @PrimeVideo Looks like Jimmy Garoppolo went as Joe Montana for Halloween.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@joe_manniello: #SFvsAZ is a great game! What do you like best? The wide receivers, tight ends, the hulking bear-like linemen bending over, the QB sliding his hands between the thighs of the selected lineman, or the big sweaty pile of bodies at the end? #NFL100