Beware of the Mexican government bearing gifts

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An L.A. Daily News editorial discusses the Mexican government's latest scheme:

Although it's poor form to criticize a gift, it's hard not to second-guess the Mexican government's choice of presents for the people of Los Angeles County.

The country's local consulate has donated some 27,000 textbooks, novels and other literature to 40 school districts throughout the county. It's a nice gesture -- a recognition that the Mexican government ought to shoulder some responsibility for the thousands of economic refugees it drives into Los Angeles every year -- but not a very practical one.

Forget the 27,000 titles; what we could really use are the 300 killers...

The editorial goes on to suggest that Mexico should extradite murderers who flee the U.S. to Mexico, knowing they won't be extradited because they face the death penalty.

While it gets that part right, the editorial unfortunately seems to think the gift of the books is a good thing. It is not. It's a blatant attempt to keep its citizens from assimilating. While it's good to see them coming out against one of Mexico's policies, the Daily News should condemn the book dump as well.