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George Gascon, James Queally deceive about mean tweets - 06/08/23

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has removed the official account for the DA's office from Twitter, using mean tweets as a pretext. The real reason he's shutting it down is because he can't deal with constant criticism from the residents of the County who are tired of his very pro-criminal policies.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Public Records Act request 1/12/21 - 01/26/21

The following is a Covid19-related Public Records Act request sent to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on 1/12/21. They've requested an extension and their reply will be posted when it's available. See the Covid19 page for the background details.

Los Angeles County spends $1.4 billion on illegal aliens, plus $600 million for their children - 09/04/10

In an article about the new Pew Hispanic study showing that the illegal alien population in the U.S. has decreased over the past decade comes this: ...Los Angeles County officials said they have actually seen an increase in the costs of providing services to undocumented immigrants and in the number of citizen children of undocumented parents receiving Food Stamps and welfare benefits. The amount of money the county spends on health, welfare and criminal justice services for undocumented immigrants increased from $1 billion in 2008 to $1.4 billion in 2009, according to figures provided by...

Organizing the new movement - 02/21/07

Socialist Worker/[[April 28, 2006]]/Lee Sustar/ link

Half of you won't understand what these squiggles mean - 09/08/04

Hi. I'd like to speak to the approximately 50% of Los Angeles County residents who can read this. Did you guys (and gals) know that the other half of Los Angeles County's 16-years-and-older population might be unable to read these here squiggles? For those of you who can read English, read this (montereyherald . com/mld/montereyherald/news/9612560.htm):

Beware of the Mexican government bearing gifts - 05/31/04

An L.A. Daily News editorial discusses the Mexican government's latest scheme: Although it's poor form to criticize a gift, it's hard not to second-guess the Mexican government's choice of presents for the people of Los Angeles County.