*Any* form of DREAM Act would not serve the national interest

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Speaking about Marco Rubio's supposedly limited DREAM Act proposal, Roy Beck of Numbers USA says (link):

"Our point has always been that a carefully crafted loophole-filled DREAM Act could be possible if it included a trigger of mandatory e-verify and an end to chain migration."

Beck means the loopholes would be filled, but what would happen with any DREAM Act ("DA") is that it would be filled with loopholes now or later.

The first bill might be (or seem to be) ironclad, but it would be changed months or years later to be less than ironclad. Or, it would just be interpreted differently than it was written.

In fact, such changes and re-interpretations are what the usual suspects would begin working on almost immediately after the original bill was passed. That's what they do: they're paid to do it.

Any DA would reward and empower those usual suspects and their benefactors: it would give them more power rather than taking it away.

Any DA would reward the establishment media, which has published a series of propaganda pieces for the full DREAM Act (see PIIPP for a long list).

Any DA would further screw struggling Americans who would be competing against newly-legalized former illegal aliens for limited college resources.

Any DA would reward those foreign countries which see the U.S. as a relief valve for their excess population.

Any DA would also do nothing about those younger illegal aliens who are unwilling or unable for various reasons to attend college or enlist in the military: they'd be left in limbo while their cohorts got some form of amnesty.

Rather than passing any sort of DREAM Act, I support the following:

1. A very small number of personal relief bills for extreme cases. Each of those bills would be for one particular person, not for a group.

2. Some sort of airtight repatriation program: go to your home country, go to college there, and then after seven years or so you can get a tourist visa if you want to temporarily visit the U.S. Limited financial assistance from the U.S. would be pegged to performance. Watching future Democratic Party votes leave the U.S. would stick it to Democratic and far-left leaders, other racial demagogues, and their benefactors. At the same time, all those potential competitors coming home would stick it to the corrupt foreign elites who encouraged people to leave in the first place.

3. Completely discrediting all those who enable illegal immigration in one way or another. All leaders who promote or enable illegal or massive immigration have to be kept in check. Anything less than that, and they'll keep coming back: weakening bills, spreading disinformation, and on and on. Giving them anything will just embolden them.

NumbersUSA is concerned with immigration, something this site also has focused on in thousands of posts. But, this site's larger agenda is to keep the corrupt elites in check and force them to do what's in the U.S.'s best interest.

Any sort of DREAM Act would reward very bad behavior by the elites and encourage more of it. Massive illegal immigration is one symptom of a corrupt elite class, and opposing (and not rewarding) illegal immigration is an excellent way to keep them in check.