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Paul Egan
Covering #MI government for Detroit Free Press. Watchdog coverage of how state taxes, spends, & treats citizens. Contracts. Conflicts. Not a good ole boy
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From @paulegan4
ICYMI: VP Mike #Pence brings eight-vehicle motorcade to MI's #Mackinac Island, which is normally car-free (with vid…
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From @BookLover62
@paulegan4 Site vs Sight. Which one refers to a vision, and which one refers to a place on the internet? Sorry, but it's a pet peeves.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
My pet peeve is those like Egan won't call Pence on being a big amnesty fan. Which of our pet peeves is more important to the USA? MT @BookLover62 [there's a typo & that's a pet peeve] MT @paulegan4 VP Mike #Pence brings eight-vehicle motorcade to MI's #Mackinac Island