Anti-Christian Alan Grayson compares Tea Party to KKK; he helps Teaparty

The latest example of a supposed opponent of the Tea Party helping them comes from Florida Rep. Alan Grayson. In a fundraising email [1] he sent out the image you see below, of a burning cross at a Ku Klux Klan meeting with the cross used to form the first letter in "Tea Party" and captioned with "Now You Know What the ‘T’ Stands For".

Some of his liberal supporters might be confused, but there's a lot that's wrong with that:

1. It's anti-Christian. Imagine an image that used symbols of other religions in a similar fashion.

2. It's to a good degree anti-white: it implies that any group that's mostly white, conservative, and from the South must be similar to the KKK.

3. It's not even close to being accurate. The Teaparties are not pro-white, they're pro-green. While some members might be social conservatives, their entire focus is on fiscal matters. Those who lead them have one goal in mind: helping their wealthy benefactors make more money.

4. It ends up helping the Teapartiers, who can yet again play the victim card and present themselves as the opponents of people like Grayson.

The Teaparties should have been a mere blip on the radar that faded out in 2009. However, they were helped by those like Rachel Maddow and others at MSNBC and by entertainers like Janeane Garofalo who served as virtual recruiters for the Tea Party movement. Grayson either isn't smart enough or doesn't have the emotional control or is so desperate for publicity that he decided to do his part to help spur them on.

To find out how to oppose the Tea Party movement honorably and accurately, see the extensive coverage on the Tea Parties page.

Please take a moment to tweet @AlanGrayson with your polite thoughts, or look up his supporters and use this post to undercut Grayson to them.

[1] image of the email: ow . ly/i/3utnX

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