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Diane Yentel
Washington, DC
President and CEO, National Low Income Housing Coalition @nlihc. Formerly: @enterprisenow @hudgov @oxfamamerica @mahomeless & @peacecorps
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This is extraordinary. @SenWarren talking about solutions to the housing crisis on primetime @cnn #WarrenTownHall i…
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Do you understand the fact that what plays to you doesn't play to others? Most learn that in Kindergarten but many adults need a refresher. MT @dianeyentel [Liz Warren's happy talk about affordable housing at] #WarrenTownHall is w/o doubt most on pres campaign trail
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.@dianeyentel: in the real world, most don't buy Liz Warren's shtick. It plays with people like you, but Fox will eat her alive because she's never been tested by real debate. Lib hatred of Socratic debate will end up hurting one of their idols.