Americans for Prosperity suppresses Teaparty discussing immigration, Agenda 21

For years, I've been discussing how the supposed-patriots in the Tea Parties have largely ignored immigration in favor of much less important issues. A major part of that is because they're led by those who support loose immigration, such as Grover Norquist, Dick Armey, and the Koch brothers.

Speaking of the latter, here's proof of a major Koch-funded group - Americans for Prosperity - working to keep the Teapartiers from focusing on immigration (link):

[The Koch brothers] haven't funded the tea party directly, largely because they haven't received any proposals that meet their criteria, [their longtime political strategist Rich Fink] said. But Fink said they do fund groups, including Americans for Prosperity, which give money to, and work with, the tea party.

Frayda Levy, a former book distributor who founded the New Jersey AFP chapter and is on the board of directors of the national organization, works with the tea party.

"We try to meet with these groups and try to talk to them about being a little more sophisticated about how they think about economic liberty," Levy said.

"We hold town meetings with these other groups, and invariably, somebody there wants to talk about immigration or Agenda 21. And we try to tell them, 'Look, Agenda 21 is not our problem. The problem is government spending and the deficit.'

"We are trying to enable the tea party movement to think through an economic framework and get some of these people out of what sometimes tends to be a more xenophobic framework."

"Xenophobe!" is, of course, a favorite smear used by the far-left against those who support our immigration laws. Yet, here we have it being used by a supposed conservative organization.

Government spending and regulations are of great interest to the Koch brothers because they affect the bottom line of their business and their personal wealth. Yet, immigration is far more important an issue to the U.S. as a whole than spending. By largely ignoring immigration, the Teapartiers are in effect helping those they pretend to oppose such as Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, and the far-left. They're also doing themselves no favors: they could be a more popular group if (among many other things) they'd oppose illegal immigration rather than being useful idiots for those who support or ignore it.

Regarding Agenda 21, discussing that United Nations program is left as an exercise. But, any U.N. program that impacts the U.S. is something to be concerned about. The supposed conservative organization AFP doesn't want to discuss that either.

Note that in addition to funding Tea Party efforts, AFP puts on events such as Right Online and sponsors appearances by Sarah Palin, Scott Walker, and others. They've paid Mark Levin to promote them to his audience. A partial list of some attendees at one of their events is here. For even more, see Americans for Prosperity and Koch family.