ACLU, SEIU, SPLC, NILC, MALDEF, PRLDEF sue South Carolina over new immigration law

Just as they have in other states, a coalition of far-left, illegal immigration-supporting groups have sued South Carolina over that state's new Arizona-style immigration law. The groups involved in this case are:

* American Civil Liberties Union (also collaborated with the Mexican government on immigration),
* Southern Poverty Law Center (at least an indirect link to that same government),
* National Immigration Law Center,
* Service Employees International Union (as a plaintiff),
* Southern Regional Joint Board of Workers United (as a plaintiff),
* Appleseed,
* and smaller local groups.

1. A list of the people involved is at [1]. The complaint is at

2. See Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Utah, and Arizona for information on other suits by the same groups together with others.

3. As always, the best way to prevent suits like this is to use the question authority plan to discredit illegal immigration supporters. The ACLU is particularly vulnerable to being discredited due to them collaborating with the Mexican government in furtherance of illegal activity; see their name's link above.

4. Note also that some rightwing leaders (broadly defined) aren't willing or able to take on the ACLU and others and oppose illegal immigration in highly effective ways. Some are on the wrong side. For instance, David Koch of the Koch family joined with George Soros to give the ACLU $10 million and the Kochs are involved in not only the tea parties but funding loose borders groups. Koch's $10 million was to fight the Patriot Act, but it freed up money that the ACLU can use to fight our immigration laws. When it comes to immigration, your opponents aren't just on the far-left but also on the libertarian right.

[1] Those involved:
* American Civil Liberties Union; South Carolina: Susan Dunn. National: Andre Segura, Omar Jadwat, Courtney Bowie, Katherine Desormeau, Cecillia Wang, Kenneth Sugarman

* National Immigration Law Center: Linton Joaquin, Karen Tumlin, Nora Preciado, Melissa Keaney

* MALDEF: Victor Viramontes, Martha Gomez, Amy Pedersen

* Southern Poverty Law Center: Michelle Lapointe, Naomi Tsu, Dan Werner, Mary Bauer, Sam Brooke

* LatinoJustice PRLDEF: Foster Maer, Ghita Schwarz, Diana Sen

* Appleseed (South Carolina): Steven Suggs

* Lloyd Law Firm: Reginald Lloyd

* Rosen Rosen Hagood (law firm): Alice Paylor

* Lowcountry Immigration Coalition

* Mujeres De Triunfo

* Nuevos Caminos

* South Carolina Victim Assistance Network

* South Carolina Hispanic Leadership Council.