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Mexican official on Democrat Enrique Morones' "Migrant March II" - 02/05/07

Enrique Morones is linked to the Democratic Party of San Diego, and he - along with Nativo Lopez - are conducting "Migrant March II", a trip along the border designed to obtain sympathetic stories designed to promote a massive amnesty. As discussed here, one of those along for the ride is Mauricio Farah Gebar

New Haven's John DeStefano helps feds profit from illegal activity - 01/30/07

John DeStefano is the mayor of New Haven, Connecticut, a city that CT or the federal government should consider investigating and temporarily taking over if necessary. He has links to the non-profit group "JUNTA for Progressive Action", and that group is collaborating with the Mexican government. Since we last checked in with this situation, Kica Matos - former executive director of Junta - is now "City Hall's new immigrant policy guru and mayoral staffer". She is or was the wife of Henry Fernandez, DeStefano's campaign manager in his failed bid to be governor of their state. Laura Huizar...

Useful idiot watch: Minnesota gets Mexican propaganda textbooks - 01/29/07

The Mexican government is well aware of the "liberal" (read: weak) impulses of many of our citizens, and deviously takes advantage of them.

WFMOJALI: Gil Cedillo wants driver's licenses for illegal aliens, again and again - 01/27/07

Welcome to the second edition of "Working For Mexico, Or Just Acts Like It?", which will feature legislators and others who - while they may not actually be receiving cash payments from Mexico - certainly act like it (previously: Kyrsten Sinema). It's also the ninth edition of this post's subject, California state senator Gil Cedillo ("One Bill Gil"), attempting to give CA driver's licenses to illegal aliens. On the 15th of this month Cedillo introduced the latest version of SB60. It's currently in the Transportation and Housing committee, and the text of it is here. It implements the new...

Reuters' Tim Gaynor leads "fearful undocumented workers" charge - 01/25/07

As sure as Spring follows Winter, the occasional immigration raid leads to a series of media reports offering sympathetic portrayals of fearful-and-humble illegal aliens.

Schwarzenegger: corporatism for corrupt growers - 01/25/07

California's Mexico-linked governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has shown himself to be a true humanitarian: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Tuesday that Escondido would get one of several temporary "one-stop" assistance centers aimed at helping agricultural workers who may have lost their jobs because of freezing temperatures that have hit the state...

DHS OIG: immigrants were mistreated at detention facilities - 01/17/07

The DHS's (Department of Homeland Security) inspector general has released a report claiming that immigrants - apparently both legal and illegal - were mistreated at various ICE facilities around the country: ...U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials and contractors denied timely medical treatment to some of the immigrants, failed to disclose and justify disciplinary actions against them, and improperly limited access to relatives, lawyers and immigration authorities, according to the Department of Homeland Security inspector general. Detention officers failed to...

DWRNTC: concentration camps for illegal aliens? - 01/15/07

Welcome to the premiere edition of "DWRNTC", which stands for "Do We Really Need This Crap?" These posts will highlight completely unnecessary crap to which we would not be subjected if our immigration laws were enforced. First up is the recent spate of articles from far-left racial advocates claiming that the DHS is imprisoning illegal aliens in "concentration camps".

Corrupt, irrational evangelicals supporting illegal immigration - 01/15/07

The article "Christian groups torn over illegals" says this: "Evangelicals have had so much success evangelizing among immigrants that they have a real sympathy with those communities," [John Clifford Green, a senior fellow at the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life] said. Hispanics are one of the fastest-growing segments of evangelical Christianity in America because of high conversion rates in the United States and Latin America and high birthrates among Hispanic evangelicals, said Ga

Farmers Branch ordinance blocked on technicality - 01/11/07

Farmers Branch is one of those cities trying to enact a Hazleton-style anti-illegal immigration ordinance. And, of course, they've been legally assailed by those on the other side. Earlier today State District Judge Bruce Priddy agreed with two FB residents and blocked the ordinance for 14 days.

Questions the MSM won't ask about Arnold Schwarzenegger's "healthcare for illegal aliens" plan - 01/08/07

Arnold Schwarzenegger - California's Bush-resembling, Mexico-pandering, Rove/Kennedy/Mexico-linked governor - has announced some of the details of his universal healthcare plan, and it includes healthcare for all residents regardless of immigration status. Thus, these questio

Comments too hot for the Sacramento Bee (part 2) - 01/07/07

I left the following comment on the SacBee story "Health care plan facing opposition" by Aurelio Rojas. I believe I've waited long enough and I can safely say that it was not approved. (In the original comment, both links were tinyurl links in non-HTML format). In November, the author of this article discussed one of Arnie's advisors, one Arnoldo Torres.

Catholic Charities: bagmen for corrupt businesses? - 01/06/07

The Catholic Charities office in Avon, Colorado (located in Eagle County, home of Vail) won't be getting their usual allotment of $25,000 from that county because they don't ask about their clients' immigration status as the newly-passed Proposition 300 appears to require.

More on Mexico's rescue beacons for illegal aliens - 01/05/07

The AP's Istra Pacheco has more on Mexico's plan to give rescue beacons to "migrants".

Sylvester Stallone defends boxing, illegal immigration - 01/05/07

From our "who gives a flying fsck what some washed-up Hollywood freak thinks but let's keep this around for anyone who's considering giving him any money" category comes this: Sylvester Stallone defended boxing, praised the hard work of Mexicans and dished out some jabs against U.S.

Who benefits from Arnold Schwarzenegger's "health care for illegal aliens" plan? - 01/04/07

Arnold Schwarzenegger - California's Bush-resembling, Mexico-pandering, Rove/Kennedy/Mexico-linked governor - wants to give health care to all children in California, including illegal aliens. It sounds humanitarian,

Los Angeles Times on immigration: 2006 in review - 01/02/07

Patterico offers his Los Angeles Times Year in Review post. Here's some more bias from that paper specifically relating to immigration matters: Dec: Danced around the status of a cop shooter. Backs Bill Richardson's opposition to border fence.

Terrorism, drugs, illegal immigration links; Middle Easterners masquerading as Mexicans; Reyes - 12/29/06

In September, one Miguel Alfonso Salinas and three other illegal aliens were arrested by the Border Patrol in New Mexico. After investigation, they discovered that wasn't his real name and he was actually a Muslim from Egypt [see also 2004's "Congressman: Terrorists are infiltrating the U.S. via Mexico"]. They haven't determined whether he has any links to terrorists.

Tim Gaynor/Reuters: Democrats to save us from "nativists" - 12/26/06

Tim Gaynor of Reuters offers "Nativists fan flames of U.S. immigration debate". And, it's even worse than the title might indicate.

Immigration questions for Max Sawicky - 12/22/06

Max Sawicky (of MaxSpeak) recently posted this entry which purports to smash several of the myths surrounding immigration. Unfortunately, he lumps all forms of immigration under the same banner, and he also only discusses financial-related issues. Thus, he doesn't really answer some of the even more perilous aspects of massive illegal immigration. So, here are a few questions he can try to answer next time: 1.

LULAC, Democratic Party, other illegal immigration supporters call for moratorium on deportations (Part 2) - 12/22/06

At a news conference in San Antonio yesterday, illegal immigration supporters called for a halt to deportations until "comprehensive immigration reform" was passed.

New Haven's John DeStefano gets illegal immigration Christmas card - 12/20/06

New Haven, Connecticut mayor John DeStefano is linked to collaborators with the Mexican government.

Pro-illegal immigration ACLU meddling in Butler County, Ohio - 12/15/06

To the best of my knowledge, every single immigration-related matter that the ACLU has been involved in does not involve support for our laws but rather supports massive illegal immigration. Continuing that trend, the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio says they're going to act as "watchdogs" over Butler County Sheriff Richard K.

Recovering useful idiot immigration test for liberals - 12/15/06

To my liberal readers: You catch more flies, etc. But, then again, sometimes you have to just come right and say uncomfortable things: many liberals are useful idiots when it comes to immigration matters. To help said afflicted persons recover, I suggest reading the report "Immigration phenomenon, not problem, Mexico vice consul tells AJC gathering" from Deborah Moon of the Jewish Review concerning a speech that that consul gave in Portland.

Is Michele Marcucci/Oakland Tribune biased? - 12/05/06

Michele R. Marcucci is a staff writer for the ANG Newspapers Group who appears to be based out of the Oakland Tribune. She offers the long article "Immigration group may not be what they seem" (orovillemr . com/news/bayarea/ci_4777376). It would be good journalism if she covered all sides of the issue, which she does not. Instead, while she reports on two supposed "nonwhite" groups actually being initiated by - gasp! - white people, she doesn't report on questionable activities by those on her apparent side of the issue.

Jared Polis, Colorado Springs awarded by Mexican government (Ohtli award) - 12/02/06

Jared Polis is a dotcom multimillionaire who serves as Vice-Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education. He's also donated large sums of cash to "liberal" causes and candidates. Last year, that Board produced Colorado's guide for illegal aliens, and Polis is also involved with ProgressNow. On November 20, Polis' hard work paid off, as he was given Mexico's "Ohtli" award by their local consul general, Juan Marcos Gutierrez. As shall become clear, receiving that award might be considered a strong indication that the recipient is a Fifth Columnist: ...The award is the highest Mexican...

Mexican political parties involved in Chicago illegal immigration marches - 11/29/06

The article "Irked Mexicans open alternate consulate" about supporters of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ("AMLO") from Mexico's PRD Party opening a symbolic alternate consulate in Chicago buries the news that Mexican political parties were involved in the Chicago marches in support of illegal immigration. The article mentions that one of those involved in opening the alternate consulate is Martin Unzueta, president of the Illinois chapter of the PRD party. On the other side is Salvador Pedroza, president of the Illinois chapter the PAN party. He's also president of the Little Village Chamber of...

Randal Archibold/NYT: illegal immigration-supporting groups are right, "vigilantes" are wrong - 11/24/06

Randal Archibold of the New York Times offers "A Border Watcher Finds Himself Under Scrutiny", about Arizona rancher Roger Barnett: ...But now, after boasting of having captured 12,000 illegal crossers on land he owns or leases from the state and emerging as one of the earliest and most prominent of the self-appointed border watchers, Mr. Barnett finds himself the prey. Immigrant rights groups have filed lawsuits, accusing him of harassing and unlawfully imprisoning people he has confronted on his ranch near Douglas. One suit pending in federal court accuses him, his wife and his brother of...

Maricopa County sued over anti-smuggling law; Mexico links - 11/22/06

A potential class action lawsuit has been filed by various groups against Maricopa County, Arizona (home of Phoenix) concerning a state law designed to stop human smuggling. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas have been using that law to arrest and charge illegal aliens with smuggling themselves into the country. Since starting that earlier this year, they've managed 180 convictions (two by jury) out of 360 arrests.

Arnoldo Torres, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Latino outreach director - 11/21/06

The largely wrong and illogical article "Schwarzenegger gains among Latinos" by Aurelio Rojas will be featured here later, but for now consider this interesting snippet:

What Steve Kroft/60 Minutes forgot to ask (Hazleton immigration ordinance) - 11/19/06

Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes offered a slightly fair report on Hazleton, Pennsylvania's new ordinance concerning illegal aliens renting and being employed in the city. Here's a partial list of some of the things he forgot to do:

Academic McCarthyism from the SPLC? - 11/15/06

Say it ain't so! However, consider the case of Kevin MacDonald, a Professor of Psychology at California State Universitya

MALDEF, ACLU, PFAW sue Escondido over illegal immigration ordinance - 11/03/06

Escondido, California (near San Diego) is one of the cities that have passed "Hazleton-style" ordinances, and that's resulted in a predictable legal challenge from various far-left, illegal immigration-supporting non-profit organizations.

Mexico's U.N. ambassador promotes North American Union - 11/01/06

From this: U.S.-Mexico relations could remain paralyzed unless leaders of the two nations and Canada formalize a North American partnership — akin to the European Union — before the U.S. baby boomer retirement wave hits in the next eight years, a ranking Mexican diplomat said here Tuesday.

John DeStefano linked to Mexico collaborators (CT governor race) - 10/27/06

New Haven mayor and Democrat John DeStefano [1] is running for governor of Connecticut against Republican incumbent M. Jodi Rell. DeStefano has several links to a New Haven group called "JUNTA for Progressive Action" [2], a group which is collaborating with the Mexican government. [3] That group also has links to several other organizations and community leaders. Perhaps the closest link is that DeStefano's campaign manager is married to the head of JUNTA [4]:

Mexico, 27 OAS nations declare opposition to border fence - 10/26/06

From our who cares department: Mexico, supported by 27 other nations, made a declaration at the Organization of American States slamming U.S. plans to build hundreds of miles (kilometers) of fence on its southern border.

"Food Stamps in Four Hours" (Mexican consul+USDA) - 10/14/06

From the LAT: Though it goes against the conventional wisdom of anti-illegal immigration supporters, those who enroll the poor in the federal food stamp program say they've struggled for years to get immigrant Latino families signed up. Now a Spanish-language news report and television ad campaign have spurred thousands of immigrants in Orange County over the last several weeks to contact a nonprofit organization that offers a Spanish-language class called "Food Stamps in Four Hours."

Democrats Sam Zamarripa, Pedro Marin at march organized by former Mexican consul - 10/09/06

Yet another illegal immigration march was held on Saturday. This was in Atlanta and only an estimated 2000 people showed up. One of the organizers of the march was a former Mexican consul general. Two local Democratic Party elected officials led the march. This is yet another link between the Democratic Party and the Mexican government or institutions. According to the report "Latinos call for legalization": State Sen.

No one's on the fence as Mexico rips 'disgraceful' plan, U.S. cites security - 10/07/06

Dudley Althaus and James Pinkerton/[[December 28, 2005]]/Houston Chronicle/ link

Fence bill has huge, Bush- and Mexico-friendly holes - 10/06/06

The recently-passed fence bill has loopholes that give the Bush administration discretion over how to spend the money and whether to spend it constructing a real fence, a "virtual" fence, or on something else entirely: ...shortly before recessing late last Friday, the House and Senate gave the Bush administration leeway to distribute the money to a combination of projects, not just the physical barrier along the southern border.