More on Mexico's rescue beacons for illegal aliens

The AP's Istra Pacheco has more on Mexico's plan to give rescue beacons to "migrants". The article provides just a little more than that previously covered, but it has an extra helping of AP bias and reflects their inability to dig for the truth.

We're informed that two "state government institutions" are involved, presumably a reference to "Puebla state's Commission for the Attention of Migrants" (quote from their rep Jesus Torreblanca) and Monterrey Tech University. Rather than using commercial models, the latter is developing their own version, and they'll be passed out free to "migrants". And, despite their denials, it appears the Border Patrol might have at least been contacted about this, because we're informed that the "U.S. government has yet to sign off on the project".

As for the article, while it uses the at least partially acceptable phrase "illegal migration", it also refers to "migrants", a favorite euphemism of the Mexican government (and Bush). It also refers to "anti-immigration groups". And, we're informed that:

Hundreds of Mexicans are killed each year trying to sneak illegally into the U.S. Many are lost or succumb to heat exhaustion in the desert, while others are killed trying to swim across the Rio Grande or hide in vehicles.

The use of the verb "kill" rather than "die" is probably an attempt to prejudice the reader in favor of "migration".

Then, we get this unopposed quote from Torreblanca:

"Our main purpose is to show people the enormous dangers they risk in crossing rivers, canals and deserts ... but the phenomenon of immigration is something that can't be stopped overnight... The U.S. government has every right to protect its borders anyway it sees necessary... The only thing that we ask is that they respect human rights."

There are other ways to show the dangers, and rescue beacons aren't them. And, of course, refering to Mexico sending its people north as a "phenomenon" is a standard trick they use. And, Mexico's definition of "human rights" is a bit sloppy and apparently includes the "right" to cross borders illegally.


can we say "1984", sounds to me that some people are looking to put others in prison or "kill" that person for political reasons.

big brother is watching you! and new prisons and camp systems are in place for anyone who gets out of line.