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Ruy Teixeira, polling "expert", agenda-driven hack - 04/13/07

Ruy Teixeira writes for the site Donkey Rising [1] and he's a Senior Fellow at the Century Foundation and the Center for American Progress.

Bush drones on in Yuma, promotes "comprehensive immigration reform" - 04/09/07

No fence pics yet. Developing... UPDATE: ICBITN ("I Can't Believe I Took Notes"). As expected, this was Immigration Speech #5, with the 5-D variant. There is absolutely nothing in what he said that was either a) new, or b) answered his critics.

Los Angeles: Delgadillo, Cooley to work with ICE; Bratton resists (Special Order 40) - 04/05/07

From this: Suspected gang members who are in the country illegally and are arrested for even minor crimes could face quicker deportation under new policies unveiled Wednesday by the top two prosecutors in Los Angeles. City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo and L.A. County Dist. Atty.

Reverend Stephen P. Bouman: globalist, illegal immigration supporter - 04/02/07

From this: Several synod bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) urged their members of Congress and key congressional staff March 22 to enact comprehensive immigration reform in 2007 that is "humane and for the common good." ...Key components that the bishops believe help to fulfill these principles include: elimination of the family visa backlogs; fair and humane enforcement provisions and the elimination of the unnecessary detention of families and children; earned legalization of the n

Ron Brynaert/Raw Story posts Tancredo smear - 04/02/07

Ron Brynaert of Raw Story says: Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO), a "dark horse" candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination admitted in an interview that he is a "controversial figure" who is sometimes prone to saying "outrageous things." Last November, Esquire Magazine wrote, "Tancredo is Tancrazy. Made his name calling for mass deportations of illegal immigrants. Recently was the featured speaker at a meeting of the League of the South, described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a 'neo-Confederate hate group.' In a rare moment of clarity, he called his own suggestion...

Mexican government wants to take Minuteman Project members "into custody" - 04/01/07

From KGBT's Victor Castillo we learn this: Miriam Medel, Mexican Consulate [in McAllen] spokesperson, tells Action 4 News they'll be very vigilant all weekend [due to the Minuteman Project patrolling the Rio Grande Valley based out of Mission, Texas].

Carol Rose/ACLU Massachusetts compares ICE tactics to Slobodan Milosevic, ethnic cleansing - 03/26/07

The American Civil Liberties Union is indirectly linked to the Mexican government and is a strong supporter of illegal immigration.

STRIVE Act: not everyone happy with "touchback" (even for just one day) - 03/24/07

The Gutierrez-Flake amnesty scheme contains a "touchback" provision. Current illegal aliens who pass a screening and meet other requirements would be given a legal worker permit immediately. Then: Illegal immigrants would within the next six years have to leave the United States for either Mexico or Canada, go to a processing center and re-enter the U.S. legally. Lawmakers were vague about exactly how long they would have to stay outside the country under what is being called the touchback provision. But staff members said they could stay as little as one day. Despite what is clearly a sham...

Night of 1,000 Conversations (including 900 Useful Idiots) - 03/23/07

The "Rights Working Group" is trying to organize Moveon-style house parties throughout the U.S. on Thursday, April 5, 2007, supposedly to support due process in our immigration system. In fact, it appears to be a backdoor way to promote immigration "reform", aka a massive amnesty. And, some of the organizers lined up are linked to the Mexican government. Details here: Their "one-pager" ( ; actually a two pager) includes a blurb from the Washington Post propaganda piece "Deporting a Model...

Our Lady Queen of Angels Church (sanctuary movement, dupes, IAF) - 03/23/07

From Louis Sahagun of the Los Angeles Times' "L.A. church offers migrants sanctuary" (link via this) we learn that Father Richard Estrada of the Our Lady Queen of Angels church ("La Placita"; in downtown Los Angeles is spending $1000 to build living quarters to house a family of illegal aliens facing deportation orders.

Bill Gates: "freedom of migration is a good thing" (also: Reuters misleads) - 03/21/07

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates - sounding like a cross between Vicente Fox and Martha Stewart - said the following in Mexico: "I'm a big believer that as much as possible, and there's obviously political limitations, freedom of migration is a good thing." He also supported immigration "reform".

Gil Cedillo's SB 1 would create "Office of Immigrant Affairs" - 03/19/07

California state Senator Gil Cedillo - a Democrat whose actions are usually indistinguishable from those that a paid Mexican agent would engage in - is back with a new scheme: creating an "Office of Immigrant Affairs" with bill SB 1. He pretends that that Office would help new immigrants get settled in the state, help them apply for citizenship, and so forth.

Watanabe, Gorman on "Unity Blueprint for Immigration Reform" (massive amnesty, questionable links) - 03/17/07

Teresa Watanabe and Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times offer "Immigrant advocates gear up". Several pro-illegal immigration groups have crafted a radical plan called the "Unity Blueprint for Immigration Reform". The "reporters" fail to note that one of the leaders behind the effort - Peter Schey of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law - has at least three links to the Mexican government and that one of the other groups involved - CHIRLA - has allegedly collaborated with that government. Others involved include LULAC, Nativo Lopez, and the AFL-CIO. Please write readers.rep *at...

NYT: the ACLU vouches for CAIR - 03/14/07

Neil MacFarquhar of the NYT offers a two-screener about unnamed sources running down CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). That's the organization whose spokesman said in 1993 that he'd like to see the U.S.

For the ACLU, it's about illegal immigration, not rights (Hazleton trial) - 03/14/07

The ACLU's suit against Hazleton, Pennsylvania over their Illegal Immigration Relief Act continued today with mayor Lou Barletta taking the stand. The AP claims that the ACLU is suing because they think the proposal is "unconstitutional".

Bush now Quisling: pledges immigration "reform" to Mexicans, Mexican government - 03/13/07

President Bush has crossed the line from being a borderline-Quisling to a full blown Quisling on his Latin America trip's stop in Mexico. Here are his remarks [1] from earlier today in Mexico: PRESIDENT BUSH: Buenos dA

Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform ready to push amnesty - 03/13/07

The Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform said today that they're going to push even harder for a massive amnesty for illegal aliens: "This campaign is unprecedented in the pro-immigration community," said Cecilia Munoz, senior vice president of the National Council of La Raza, in a statement. "Never before have we brought together under one banner such a formidable political coalition to fight for passage of comprehensive immigration reform. We now have the money, the people and the political will to punch this vital issue over the goal line in Congress and make America a better...

Omar Lopez - 03/11/07

Member of the Mexican government's Institute for Mexicans Abroad Called "lead organizer" of the [[March 11, 2007 Chicago march]] (Year later, battle goes on)

Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007 (Barack Obama) - 03/09/07

On Wednesday, Sen. Barack Obama introduced the "Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007". This important story was overshadowed by the most likely unimportant story about his stock holdings [1]. The CPA could be described as a "New Democrats Initiative/Funding Source for Possibly Foreign-Linked Pro-Illegal Immigration Groups" bill, and perhaps some reporters should have asked Obama and his co-horts about that.

Zoe Lofgren trying to tie ICE's hands (deportations, Return to Sender) - 03/08/07

Rep. Zoe Lofgren - chair of the Immigration Subcommittee and a former immigration lawyer - sent a letter to Julie Myers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on March 1 demanding information on their recent sweeps called "Operation Return to Sender" [1].

Lawsuit over crime victim visas; Juliana Barbassa/AP, Tyche Hendricks ignore Mexico link - 03/08/07

Juliana Barbassa of the Associated Press informs us: Attorneys for undocumented immigrants who have suffered violent crimes sued the federal government Wednesday for failing to issue protective visas approved by Congress more than six years ago. The 2000 Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act created a visa category allowing such victims who cooperate with law enforcement to remain in the country and eventually apply for permanent residency... [visas not implemented yet] ..."We finally decided that without the intervention of the federal courts, we could easily be waiting for...

Alfonso Chardy and the "moratorium movement" - 03/04/07

Alfonso Chardy of the Miami Herald offers "Activists urge Bush to stop deportations". It's about as biased as you would expect, including offering sympathetic portrayals of scared "immigrants" who are avoiding lawful enforcement of our laws. "Immigrant rights activists" drop by: "It is a great tragedy," said Jose Lagos, president of Honduran Unity, a Miami immigrant rights group. "Families have been broken up. People's lives have been disrupted and panic has gripped our communities, all on the eve of possible legalization. These people are being denied hope." ...Lagos' group is among those...

NYT: Majority Back Health Care for All! - 03/02/07

The results of the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll are in: While the war in Iraq remains the overarching issue in the early stages of the 2008 campaign, access to affordable health care is at the top of the public's domestic agenda, ranked as far more important than immigration, cutting taxes or promoting traditional values. The poll asks about making "health insurance available to all Americans". The problem i

Arnold Schwarzenegger's "totally reasonable, centrist approach" to illegal immigration - 02/27/07

Arnold Schwarzenegger - California's Bush-resembling, Mexico-pandering, Rove/Kennedy/Mexico-linked governor - engaged in a three-day "media blitz" in Washington DC, attending the National Governors Association meeting, speaking on Sunday talk shows, giving interviews and speaking before

Can Barack Obama answer this? - 02/25/07

Please go to Barack Obama's campaign appearances and try to ask him the question on the video (reprinted below). The media isn't going to ask politicians any difficult questions, so it's up to us to do it.

U.S. Mexican Organizations Start Their Own Coalition - 02/23/07

La Opinion/Jose Luis Sierra/[[January 29, 2003]]/ link LAS VEGAS -- Some 60 representatives of various Mexican organizations from throughout the United States met Saturday with an ambitious agenda: Create a united front through a coalition named Organization of Mexicans Abroad (OME, abbreviation in Spanish) which would represent the interests of Mexican immigrants in the U.S.

Irked Mexicans open alternate consulate - 02/23/07

Chicago Tribune/Oscar Avila/[[November 29, 2006]]/ link

Open borders libertarian loon invades Pandagon! - 02/21/07

Pandagon isn't just the place where Amanda Marcotte fights the g****** patriarchy. It's a group blog, and another poster there, one Chris Clarke (see his first post for his bio), offers "Trashing the border". I don't know if he's a libertarian or just a delete-the-border type, but he's as loony as either: Let me say this up front to piss off the Malkinites: I'm an open borders advocate.

Mexican Americans hurry to regain Mexico citizenship - 02/21/07

[[Chicago Sun-Times]]/[[January 17, 2003]]/[[Lucio Guerrero]]/ link Mexican immigrants who became American citizens in the mid-1990s are in a race to get their Mexican nationality back, while also remaining American citizens.

New York Times' worst immigration editorial ever: "They Are America" - 02/18/07

The New York Times offers the unsigned editorial "They Are America". It takes up two whole screens, and pointing out all the problems in it would extend to novel length. So, let's look at just the first two paragraphs: Almost a year ago, hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers and their families slipped out from the shadows of American life and walked boldly in daylight through Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, New York and other cities. We Are America Alliance their banners cried. The crowds, determined but peaceful, swelled into an immense sea. The nation was momentarily stunned. 1. Many...

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Julien Ross, AFSC - 02/18/07

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition ("CIRC"; statewide coordinator: Julien Ross) is a five-year old group with 80 other organizations as members. From this we learn: The coalition is directed by representatives of 12 groups, including the Colorado Catholic Conference, Service Employees International Union Local 105, and the American Friends Service Committee. The AFSC has an indirect link to the Mexican government. And, CIRC's site is hosted at AFSC's site. has a list of their demands: * driver's licenses for all immigrants, regardless of status...

Why is CBS 11 KTVT-TV Dallas misleading about immigration reform? - 02/18/07

Stephanie Lucero of CBS 11 TV out of Dallas offers "Immigration Debate Re-Energizing Hate Groups" concerning the recent Anti-Defamation League (ADL) claiming that KKK membership is up because of the debate over illegal immigration. That may well be true, but - needless to say - Lucero doesn't look into: a) whether this is an attempt by the ADL to smear all those opposed to illegal immigration, and b) whether this is an attempt by them to obtain donations. And, while the report features stock footage of Klan rallies, Lucero doesn't feature any new footage from her area. Rather, she interviews...

LULAC, MALDEF, ACLU, business groups fight Texas immigration bills - 02/16/07

A new, apparently unnamed coalition has been formed in Texas to fight state bills designed to reduce illegal immigration. The coalition is using the standard pretext that immigration is a federal responsibility. Of course, they realize that the feds have abrogated their responsibilities; were the feds to enforce the laws, they would push for more local control.

Mexico's propaganda textbooks promoted - 02/16/07

Louis E. V. Nevaer is an investment advisor of some kind, the author of the forthcoming "HR and the New Hispanic Workforce", and a contributor to the racist Pacific News Service/New America Media. He offers a slab of anti-American propaganda in "U.S.

Alfonso Aguilar/U.S. Office of Citizenship promotes "guest" workers (LULAC, NALEO connection) - 02/12/07

The "U.S. Office of Citizenship" was created a few years ago and is part of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The first and current head of the Office, Alfonso Aguilar, was appointed by president Bush in 2003. His biography reveals that he's a member of two highly questionable groups. (Go to and search, or enter this: The first group is LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens. If that group has ever opposed illegal immigration, I'm not aware of it. The other group is NALEO, the National Association of Latino Elected and...

Pandering in vain: "Latinos" angry at Schwarzenegger remarks - 02/09/07

During last year's campaign the L.A. Times somehow obtained tapes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the state has recently released a full set. Among other topics, Arnie discusses immigration and states his opposition to the border fence (comparing it to the Berlin wall of course) and his support for a "path to citizenship", known in the real world as a massive amnesty.

Mexican National Commission on Human Rights: migrants were mistreated - 02/05/07

From this: Mexico's human rights agency has accused officials in Sonora of mistreating illegal Central American migrants, saying detainees were jammed into overcrowded cells and denied food and water for hours during a crackdown last year. The report comes as the Mexican government, under pressure from the United States, is ramping up efforts to catch thousands of foreigners passing through on their way to the U.S.

Rudy Giuliani is full of $#*| - 02/05/07

Rudy Giuliani announced that he's running for president on tonight's Hannity & Colmes, and watching his remarks on immigration I realized that he's completely full of $#*|. A transcript is here. Giuliani's euphemism for a massive illegal alien amnesty is "regularization".

Gil Cedillo, Peter Schey, LULAC, MALDEF, more at Migrant March II - 02/05/07

Migrant March II is a caravan driving from San Diego to Brownsville and back in order to push for immigration "reform". Those leading it are Nativo Lopez and Enrique Morones (associated with San Diego's Democratic Party). Also along for the ride is a Mexican official.

Mexican elected officials meeting Pelosi, Gutierrez, Baca, Solis over immigration - 02/05/07

In yet another in the long line of links between the Mexican government and the Democratic Party, three members of Mexico's House of Representatives will be meeting with four members of "our" own U.S. House of Representatives to discuss immigration matters and push for "reform". Those from "our" side are: Joe Baca, Luis Gutierrez, Nancy Pelosi and Hilda Solis.