Who benefits from Arnold Schwarzenegger's "health care for illegal aliens" plan?

Arnold Schwarzenegger - California's Bush-resembling, Mexico-pandering, Rove/Kennedy/Mexico-linked governor - wants to give health care to all children in California, including illegal aliens.

It sounds humanitarian, but it isn't. It will make our situation far worse by encouraging even more illegal immigration. It will transfer even more money from U.S. citizens to Mexican citizens and give a huge benefit to the Mexican government, which won't have to take care of their own citizens as a grown-up country should. And, it will also be a huge benefit to those who employ the parents of those illegal aliens. Those corrupt companies will be able to pay even less, safe in the knowledge that benefits will be provided by the state ("corporatism").

The better solution would be for Arnie to restrict his program to U.S. citizens and legal residents and at the same time working to reduce - rather than increase - illegal immigration. Since he's getting advice from someone linked to the Mexican government as well as from at least two people linked to the Bush administration, that might be a bit difficult. But, perhaps Arnie should read his contract again and try to understand who he's supposed to represent.

Expect anyone who opposes this scheme to be portrayed as a meanie, but hopefully they can rise above the smears and articulate the negatives of Arnie's scheme.

The article provides the almost unbelievable news that an earlier plan from Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata (D-Oakland) excluded illegal aliens. However, as one might expect, a plan from Fabian Nunez included them.


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposal to provide health coverage to every child in California, including illegal aliens, could leave the state liable for untold billions in unforeseen costs in the future, warns the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The conservatively estimated cost of $400 million a year could easily balloon to many times that figure. Costs will grow as the numbers of illegal aliens in California increase and may rise even more dramatically as legal residents of other states take advantage of a federal law that requires that state benefits made available to illegal aliens must be made available to all legal U.S. residents...


He's just another stupid politician who has forgotten who he represents. But that seems to be
par for the course. It seems the majority of our
politicians seem to have forgotten we are a government of the people, by the people, for the
people. Our wishes seem to be unimportant to our politicians.

Bush has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the US and protect us from invasion. Is not 12 million illegally present and a million more arriving yearly not an invasion?
Social Security is broke, or so he says, yet he wants to give social security to illegals after only 18 months. You and I need 10 years! Lets reward the criminals.

Now Arnold has jumped on the bandwagon. Does he not think he will fuel more illegal immigration? Has he not considered Mexico does not even provide free medical to their own people? Has he not considered the number of tourists and other "visitors" who will cross the border and obtain free medical services? Has he not seen a medical bill for a week in the hospital? What about those children with cancer, deformities, birth defects, trauma, etc?

Health costs are out of control. Partly because of high salaries in the medical profession and because of the tort lawyers. We need tort reform too.

But granting benefits to people who have no legal status is wrong. If I knew I could steal a TV and
pay for it when I got caught (w/o any criminal prosecution) how many would I steal? Has Arnold not seen how dilapidated Mexico is? Does he really think people who have violated our laws entering illegally, working illegally, using a false identity and/or ID, will play by the rules?