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Their money or your safety - 09/19/04

[cross-posted at and the Command Post] From August 28's edition of the CPUSA's house organ People's Weekly World (cache used because site down): U.S. Rep.

Evasion of our laws, threats to our sovereignty go mobile - 09/19/04

From Lexington, KY's TV station WKYT comes "Mexican government helps immigrants acquire passports, identification cards": MAYFIELD, Ky. -- The Mobile Mexican Consulate visited Mayfield over the weekend to help Mexican immigrants apply for passports... "These are illegal and legal people," [a Baptist minister] said.

"222 House Members Put Interests of Banking Lobby Ahead of Homeland Security" - 09/15/04

From FAIR: Responding to the 222-177 vote by the House of Representatives last night, adopting an amendment introduced by Representatives Michael Oxley (R-OH) and Barney Frank (D-MA), allowing banks and other financial institutions to accept the Mexican matricula consular document in lieu of valid U.S.-issued documents, FAIR issued the following statement: "Once again, Congress has placed the priorities of a powerful special interest ahead of homeland security interests.

Is the Onion based in Minneapolis? - 08/26/04

And, did one of their stories get loose and end up in a Minneapolis indie paper? The article "Mexicans Anticipate Consulate: Proposed center would be boon to immigrant community" would be funny if it weren't so sad.

"Mexico revives dual nationality" - 08/16/04

From the El Paso Times: Mexico-born U.S. citizens who missed their chance to reclaim their Mexican nationality last year can try again starting today... [El Pasoan Maria Caballero] was naturalized seven years ago but last year she decided she wanted her Mexican rights back, she said... "The big one would be voting. It bothers me to lose this right as a Mexican," Caballero said... That's confusing.

Mexican agents in the state houses? Part 2 - 08/10/04

Almost six months ago I blogged about Georgia Rep. Pedro Marin and his ties to the non-profit Mexican Center of Atlanta. The Mexican Center had had ties to the Mexican consulate before Marin was selected to be their director. That job paid him $50,000 per year. However, before he was hired the Center moved out of the Mexican consulate's offices and appeared to have disolved its links to the Mexican consulate. A couple months ago, the Georgia State Ethics Commission declared that everything was on the up and up.

"Additional [Border Patrol] roundups planned" - 07/25/04

From this: U.S. Border Patrol sweeps to round up and deport undocumented immigrants will continue in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, officials said Saturday. A newly formed unit at the Border Patrol's Temecula station has arrested 505 illegal immigrants in Southern California since June 4, including a total of 154 in Ontario and Corona.

"Border watch group claims to sneak fake WMD into US" - 07/23/04

I almost put this into the WackyHumor category because of the last bit, but this is indeed a serious demonstration of how our lack of border enforcement could lead to tragedy: A border watch group claims it successfully sneaked into the United States carrying a fake weapon of mass destruction. American Border Patrol spokesman Glenn Spencer told a Tucson newspaper the test was intended to show how easy it would be for terrorists to sneak deadly weapons across the border... The Mexican government is checking a videotap

"Kinder, gentler deportation program might not work" - 07/20/04

Under a new Bush administration program, we're flying deported illegal aliens back into the interior of Mexico rather than a border city.

"Seattle labeled 'hot spot' for human cargo" - 07/11/04

This is what happens when you refuse to enforce the immigration laws: Sophisticated criminals are smuggling thousands of people from around the world into Washington -- from Canada, through Sea-Tac Airport and through the Port of Seattle. Federal and local officials believe that many of them are victims of human trafficking -- working in sweatshops, massage parlors, restaurants and farms here and elsewhere.

"Who is in charge of American immigration policy?" - 06/28/04

Allan Wall wants to know: The Mexican government is engaged in a deliberate strategy to influence American immigration policy, increase the population of Mexicans in the United States, slow their assimilation and retain their loyalty to Mexico. This is no secret conspiracy -- Mexican leaders speak openly of it. It is already bearing fruit. If allowed to continue, the inevitable outcome will be effective control of U.S.

Beware of the Mexican government bearing gifts - 05/31/04

An L.A. Daily News editorial discusses the Mexican government's latest scheme: Although it's poor form to criticize a gift, it's hard not to second-guess the Mexican government's choice of presents for the people of Los Angeles County.

"[Idaho] County Commissioner Bills Mexican Government For Illegal Aliens" - 04/21/04

From this: Thousands of migrant farm workers are here legally but many are here illegally. It was that portion of the migrant labor population that Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez singled out for special attention today suggesting that the Mexican government should reimburse local taxpayers for their expenses.

It must be sob story season - 04/17/04

Yesterday I covered the AP story of the Mexican legal immigrant who faces deportation because she was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder. I didn't discuss the case itself so much as AP's treatment of it and their treatment of other more important news stories.

"Southwestern schools root out illegal pupils" - 03/25/04

From the CS Monitor: From kindergartners to 12th-graders, these children routinely cross the US-Mexico border to attend Arizona schools. Some use fake documents. Others stay with US relatives.

"Stealth Invasion" - 03/24/04

This long, sourced, and highly recommended article describes how agents of the Mexican government have infiltrated politics in Utah. They succeeded in defeating a bill that would stop illegal alien driver's licenses.

Is Mexico Thwarting U.S. Immigration Enforcement? - 03/19/04

From Matt Hayes, an immigration lawyer: Most people know that Usama bin Laden's terror group, Al Qaeda (Arabic for "the base"), derives its name from the Mujahideen database that bin Laden developed through the 1980s and 1990s.

Mexico joins hands with LAUSD, inserts tentacles - 03/18/04

From the L.A. Daily News article 'Mexico joins hands with LAUSD' (dailynews . com/Stories/0,1413,200%257E20954%257E2024346,00.html): Hoping to boost academic performance and lower dropout rates among Latino students, the Mexican government and Los Angeles Unified School District officials announced a joint outreach program Wednesday targeting Spanish-speaking families.

Bush has forgotten the Alamo - 03/06/04

The Alamo was stormed 168 years ago today. That's a long long time, and George W Bush has obviously forgotten all about it: A text of President Bush's joint news conference with Mexican President Vicente Fox on Saturday... BUSH: Hola, que tal? Bienvenidos. Mr. President, Laura and I are pleased to welcome you and Marta to Crawford... I will work to ensure a system of safe and orderly migration. Earlier this year, I proposed a temporary worker program, not an amnesty program, that will offer legal status as temporary workers to undocumented men and women who were employed in the United States...

"Mexico lobbies for alien amnesty" - 03/04/04

Drudge has had a link to the Washington Times piece 'Mexico lobbies for alien amnesty' for a bit now. It goes into how the Mexican government is using so-called American so-called human rights groups and other traitors/dupes to gain influence for Mexico in the U.S. Nothing in there is news to me; I've been pointing to various stories along these lines for some months now in my Immigration category. However, it's a good intro and it's also good t

Boxer foes court Bush, but oppose immigration plan - 03/01/04

From the San Diego Union Tribune (link): The four candidates seeking the GOP nomination to run for the U.S. Senate [generally agree with Bush except] on one issue - President Bush's plan to allow millions of illegal immigrants to have temporary legal status - the candidates have been willing to openly criticize the president. ...As a group, they've taken a tougher stance on immigrants than the president, reflecting a split in the Republican Party between hard-liners and those wishing to accommodate illegal immigrants and their employers. ...[Proposition 187] - passed but later...

Mexican agents in the state houses? - 02/28/04

FoxNews recently published 'Georgia Latinos Object to 'Illegal Aliens' Label': Each year, nearly 1 million foreigners unlawfully sneak into the United States. But don't call them "illegal aliens" because that's the moral equivalent of a racial slur, according to the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials. "We do find that term very offensive and liken it to the 'n' word as well," GALEO Executive Director Kerry Gonzalez said... I like Fox's tone.

"Bush Bill Would Aid Mexico's Meddling in U.S." - 02/19/04

From Mark Krikorian in Newsday: There has been much well-deserved criticism of President George W. Bush's proposed amnesty and guestworker plan. But its possible effect on America's sovereignty has seldom been mentioned, even though that may be the most harmful in the long term. Although the president's proposal is not specific to Mexico, it would benefit that nation the most.

"Another push to give illegals a driver's license" - 02/08/04

From this: There's another effort underway under the gold dome to allow illegal immigrants to get a Georgia driver's license. A similar bill died last year. State Representative Barbara Mobley of Decatur authored the current bill which she said would just allow people who contribute to the state's economy to get to work... "For homeland security we have to have the community accounted for.

"Mexican-illegals flow rises 66% in 12 years" - 01/26/04

From this: A report from a Mexican government agency released today says the number of Mexicans entering the U.S. illegally increased by 66 percent from 1990 to 2002. According to the German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur, the study was conducted by the National Population Council, or Conapo. It found the number of illegals coming from Mexico each year now exceeds 1 million.

Prop. 187 for Arizona - 07/09/03

Some years ago, California voters passed Proposition 187, which would have ceased public funding to illegal aliens. Governor Gray Davis and a U.S. District Court judge got it overturned. The former chairman of the CA Democratic Party referred to its being passed as the "last gasp of white America in California." The Mexican government actively opposed it. Now, a group in Arizona has proposed a 187-like Initiative: [Protect Arizona NOW Committee] Treasurer, local businessman Rusty Childress, adds, "The people of Arizona have heard more than enough of state and local officials' lame excuse...

"Napa council OKs Mexican ID card" - 06/04/03

From the Santa Rosa Press Democrat: An ID card issued by the Mexican government [see this backgrounder on these "Matricula Consular" cards]gained significant backing Tuesday in Wine Country as the Napa City Council voted unanimously to recognize it as valid identification... The cards, however, have become a hot-button issue in the immigration debate, with critics saying they give legitimacy to illegal immigrants and pose a threat to homeland security.

"Unmanned drones may patrol borders" - 05/22/03

According to this: Unmanned aerial drones similar to ones used in the war on Iraq could be patrolling the U.S.

[sob, sob] Aww... just let them all in! - 04/22/03

The S.F. Chronical has an editorial ("Naturalizing the dead") that attempts to piggyback their pro-illegal-immigration position onto the backs of the legal residents who fought and died in Iraq: SIX IMMIGRANT soldiers from California have been granted citizenship for their heroic contributions to the U.S. victory in Iraq. Too bad they were in body bags when they received the honor. The posthumous awards come as small reward to the families of the dead.

Are divided loyalties a good thing? - 04/17/03

From "Dual citizenship for Mexicans? Fox government wants permanent right for immigrants to divide their loyalties": The Mexican government is planning to change its constitution to establish a permanent right for those born in Mexico and living in other nations to obtain dual citizenship, a move criticized by some U.S.

"Islamic textbooks scapegoat Jews, Christians" - 04/03/03

From SharkBlog comes the story 'Sowing seeds of hatred': Textbooks widely used in New York's Islamic schools contain passages that are blatantly anti-Semitic, condemning Jews as a people, repeating old canards about the Jews wanting to kill Christ and faking their Holy Scriptures to mock God. As you might have already guessed, there is something of a Saudi connection: one of the publishers was until recently a reci

"Mexico is meddling in US military" - 03/30/03

So says this article. Apparently, our friends in the Mexican government are taking "a census of persons of Mexican ancestry who belong to the armed forces of the United States and who are stationed in the war zone." Are they doing it because they're nice people? Or, perhaps it's because, in the words of a Mexican official, "I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think 'Mexico first'." (link)

Intern Val Zavala? - 03/06/03

Mark A. R. Kleiman links to the American Prospect article 'Hoarse Whisperer: Bush's quiet but not-so-subtle bullying of Mexico', which takes as its source the Economist article 'Time to be counted': A stream of American officials, sounding much more hostile than sorry, have been trekking south to argue the point.

Eating the elephant, one bite at a time - 01/24/03

[UPDATE: the first article has disappeared. Here's the cached version. (The cached version appears to have disappeared as well. Here's the letter at Tancredo's site.) The second article appears to have disappeared, and no cache is available. The third article is still there.] This article on ID cards given out by the Mexican government to illegal aliens in the U.S. has some moderately good news: The Mexican government, despite concerns by U.S. law-enforcement authorities and immigration officials, is handing out thousands of identity cards to Mexican nationals in this country, including those...

Q: "How do you eat an elephant?" - 12/19/02

A: "One bite at a time." Funny, eh? Not if you're the elephant: Arturo Sarukhan, a top official in Mexico's foreign ministry [assistant to Jorge "propagating militant activities" Castaneda -lw], said that after Mexico's failure to win a comprehensive package of immigration reforms from Bush, it is lobbying in Washington for important incremental steps. "How do you eat an elephant?