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White House listening to pork producers, La Raza, Mexico-linked NALEO, NRA... just not you - 06/21/07

The White House offers a PDF entitled "What They're Saying: Border Security And Immigration Reform Agreement" and subtitled 'Business And Agriculture Groups Say "It Is Critical That The Process Moves Forward"' (PDF) [1]. It's just a collection of quotes from press releases from those few groups that support the Bush/Senate massive illegal immigration amnesty, and it contains no accompaning text other than the titles. As simply a collection of quotes, it's not that shocking. However, it's interesting that these are the special interest groups that the White House chooses to use to bolster...

Randal Archibold fails to note Peter Schey Mexico links (+MAPA) - 06/14/07

In an article about the Dreams Across America tour, Randal C.

Dreams Across America: all aboard the pro-illegal immigration train - 06/14/07

"Dreams Across America" [1] is the latest stunt from supporters of a massive illegal alien amnesty, consisting of about 100 people taking a train Washington DC to lobby for "reform".

David Brooks: only uneducated nativists oppose massive immigration - 06/12/07

David Brooks shows that he's a complete tool: ...What's shaping the immigration debate is something altogether deeper and more interesting. And if you want to understand what it is, start with education. Between 1960 and 1980, the share of Americans enrolled in higher education exploded. The U.S. became the first nation in history with a mass educated class.

WFMOJALI: New Haven's John DeStefano to file complaint over ICE raid - 06/12/07

The fourth edition of WFMOJALI ("Working for Mexico, or just acts like it?") features New Haven, Connecticut mayor John DeStefano, who's affiliated with the former leader of an organization that's collaborating with the Mexican government. ICE recently conducted raids in that city, and now DeStefano says he'll file a complaint with the DHS (Department of Homeland Security): He said Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents failed to notify local authorities of the operation and lacked search warrants. "They pushed into homes without warrants," DeStefano said. "This was just very aggressive...

Democratic - but not GOP - candidates to appear at Mexico-linked NALEO gathering - 06/12/07

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials has at least one link to the Mexican government: they nominate persons for Mexico's highest award to those outside Mexico, the Ohtli award. That's certainly not as objectionable a link as other groups have, but it's a link nonetheless. At the end of the month they'll be holding a shindig in Miami and all the Democratic candidates have announced they'll be there. However, all of the Republican candidates can't make it for some reason.

ICE raids New Haven (John DeStefano + Mexico) - 06/06/07

Drudge is linking to the story about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arresting dozens of illegal aliens in New Haven, Connecticut earlier today. This is apparently part of their occasional sweeps of fugitives and criminal aliens.

Worse for democracy: Chris Matthews or Wolf Blitzer? (Democratic debate) - 06/03/07

I thought the performance of Chris Matthews in the GOP debate was horrific, but Wolf Blitzer is trying to in effect outdo him by asking a series of puffball questions and then just letting the candidates blather on.

Ezra Klein, useful idiot - 05/31/07

Pictured right is a blogad currently running on the site ( of Ezra Klein of TAPPED (The American Prospect). is now the Swift Raid Collaborative (Mexico-linked Peter Schey) - 05/30/07

Peter Schey is an immigration attorney with at least three links to the Mexican government. In addition to heading the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, he also operates, which until recently was called the "Mexico Project". It's since undergone an interesting change.

Steve Lopez: up with illegal immigration propaganda, allegedly Mexico-linked CHIRLA - 05/28/07

Via this, Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times offers "Family crossed the border to success". The family in question is that of Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.

ACLU has "concerns" about Senate immigration amnesty bill - 05/26/07

From their press release [1]: The American Civil Liberties Union today [5/25/07] expressed grave concerns about the due process and privacy implications of the Senate immigration bill. The proposed legislation would create a vast federal database to verify the work eligibility of all job applicants in America - including U.S.

Senate immigration amnesty bill: the downsides - 05/23/07

The concept of amnesty is bad, and almost everything in the Senate's illegal immigration amnesty bill is bad as well. It's fairly obvious to just about everyone that this is an extremely flawed piece of legislation, so what I'd suggest is using it to further discredit its supporters. However, please don't lose sight of the forest: we need to stop amnesty in general, not just this particular piece of legislation. You can do that by following these steps. There's a top ten list in "Rewarding Illegal Aliens: Senate Bill Undermines The Rule of Law". There are seven more reasons here, including...

New York Times alludes to Mexican meddling via consulates (Little Rock) - 05/23/07

Randal Archibold of the New York Times offers "Debate Raging, Mexico Adds to Consulates in U.S." about Mexico's latest outpost, this one in Little Rock, Arkansas. Somewhat to my surprise, they actually include some of the downsides and question some of Mexico's motives although, of course, they don't go far enough. This is just a fly-in report, not investigative journalism: Increasingly, [Mexico's consulates] are also acting as influential free agents in a broken immigration system that Congress is trying to overhaul. As the consulate that opened last month in Little Rock illustrates, the...

Amanda Marcotte can't even get smears straight (Lou Dobbs, SPLC) - 05/23/07

John Edwards' former blogging star, Amanda Marcotte, offers [1] "Lou Dobbs really, really hates Mexicans": David Neiwert has a follow-up on the issue of Lou Dobbs trotting out numbers on national TV about Mexican nationals spreading leprosy that he got from a white supremacist group that pulled the numbers out of their asses. It's fucking disturbed that this man has a national microphone to promote racism like this. And his nastiness is getting nastier. Actually, there are two smears involved here, and she's confusing them. The "white supremacist group" is the CCC, and Dobbs did use a...

Texas State Rep. Roberto Alonzo lies in Democratic radio address (immigration "reform") - 05/22/07

Oddly enough, the Democratic Party doesn't seem to be crowing about Teddy Kennedy's massively successful Senate immigration amnesty bill.

Farmers Branch: Federal judge issues TRO over anti-illegal immigration ordinance - 05/21/07

From this: The Farmers Branch city ordinance banning apartments from renting to illegal immigrants won't go into effect Tuesday as planned because a federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order stopping the city from enforcing the ordinance. Voters on May 12 by a 2-to-1 ratio said that they wanted the law, which requires apartment managers or owners to obtain proof from prospective tenants that they are U.S.

Senate immigration amnesty bill: the supporters - 05/21/07

Outside a number of Senators, there aren't too many who support the Senate's immigration amnesty/"guest" worker plan. This post will keep track of them, and I urge everyone to hold those below accountable whether the bill passes or not. I also urge everyone to keep calling Congress, but, even more importantly, follow the steps previously outlined to help stop amnesty. The supporters: * Of course: president Bush, Sens. John McCain and Ted Kennedy * From "Few senators support the illegals bill" (link): Sen. Arlen Specter, one of the Republicans who helped craft the deal, said it's the best they...

"Mexico welcomes U.S. immigration pact" - 05/18/07

From this: The Mexican government said on Friday that the immigration pact reached by U.S. Democratic and Republican senators is a positive step to achieve an integral immigration reform that will benefit millions of Mexicans. [Mexican Foreign Ministry Spokesman Victor Aviles says:] "The Mexican government expects a substantial migratory reform will be discussed with practical and realistic solutions...

Jorge Bustamante/United Nations, MacArthur Park riot, CRLA, Peter Schey, NILC, ACLU... - 05/18/07

And Teresa Watanabe too! From her report "Human rights expert examines migrant issues in L.A." comes this: In the first broad international scrutiny of U.S. treatment of migrants, a United Nations human rights expert [Jorge A. Bustamante, U.N. "special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants"] took testimony about worker abuse, government raids, family separations and other issues as he wrapped up a two-day visit to Los Angeles on Thursday... [it was] undertaken at the invitation of the U.S. government. "There is concern in the United Nations human rights community about rising anti-...

La Raza, MALDEF have "virtual veto power" over immigration bill - 05/16/07

From the article "Latino Groups Play Key Role on Hill/Virtual Veto Power in Immigration Debate" (link): When Sen. Edward M.

AVWatch: Antonio Villaraigosa, Fabian Nunez at MacArthur Park candlelight vigil? - 05/16/07

[SEE THE UPDATE BELOW] According to this [1]: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Speaker Fabian Nunez and radio host El Piolin are billed as participants in a Thursday procession and candlelight vigil for immigration reform at MacArthur Park. They gather at Immanuel Presbyterian Church at Wilshire and Berendo about 5:30 pm and begin walking about 6:40. However, the page they link to doesn't say anything about those three, only including a flyer listing the organizers: CARECEN, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA; possible Mexico collaborateurs), COFEM, Garment Worker...

Leftwing illegal immigration supporters still after Lou Dobbs (SPLC) - 05/16/07

As the immigration "debate" picks up, various leftwing sources are trying to smack down Lou Dobbs in what may be an effort to counteract his opposition to any "reform" or what may be just a general attempt to support illegal immigration. There was, of course, the recent Lesley Stahl/60 Minutes lame hit piece.

Farmers Branch: 68% vote for anti-illegal immigration ordinance; ACLU, MALDEF file TRO - 05/15/07

Last week, Farmers Branch (outside Dallas, Texas) passed a city ordinance requiring landlords to check the immigration status of renters.

Mexican agent? IL Sen. Martin Sandoval wants loans for illegal aliens - 05/14/07

From this: Illegal immigrants with "B" averages would be eligible for state-backed student loans if a controversial Senate proposal becomes law. Sen.

Univision conducts citizenship drive with Mexico-linked group (NALEO) - 05/11/07

The Spanish-language TV network Univision is encouraging their eligible viewers to become (U.S.) citizens. The initiator of the campaign (NALEO) has at least one link to the Mexican government, nominating the recipients of Mexico's Ohtli award. Granted, nominating award recipients isn't as big a link as others have, but it still helps indicate where they and Univision are coming from: During news shows, anchors pop questions from the civics test that applicants for citizenship are required to pass, such as "How many stars are on the U.S. flag?" Against a backdrop of stars soaring through the...

Janet Napolitano vetoes anti-Matricula Consular bill - 05/09/07

Continuing a trend of supporting illegal immigration, Arizona governor Janet Napolitano has vetoed a bill that would have helped prevent the use of Mexico's Matricula Consular ID card. That card is usually an indicator that the bearer is an illegal alien; legal immigrants have no use for such a card.

New Haven Independent deletes another comment (John DeStefano + Mexico) - 05/08/07

Melissa Bailey of the leftwing New Haven Independent informs us [1] that that city is renewing discussions on issuing ID cards for various uses from the mundane (paying parking fines) to the not-so-mundane (apparent substitute for driver's licenses for illegal aliens). As could be expected from those familiar with issues in that city, mayor John DeStefano and the "city's social-services chief" Kica Matos - former leader of "Junta for Progressive Action" - are involved. The latter group is collaborating with the Mexican government [2]. I left a comment on [1], which appeared immediately. It'...

100+ Hispanic groups send letter supporting illegal immigration, opposing raids - 05/08/07

The National Council of La Raza ("The Race") has led the charge to send a letter to president Bush (cc'ed to Michael Chertoff and Julie Myers) complaining about the recent workplace raids [1]. The list of "grassroots" organizations involved is in the extended entry, and some are "interesting": CASA of Maryland, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (one of whose founders marched alongside a former Mexican consul general in an illegal immigration march), the odious Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (their president is linked to...

Lesley Stahl/60 Minutes tries lame hit piece on Lou Dobbs - 05/06/07

Tonight's 60 Minutes featured a profile of Lou Dobbs by Lesley Stahl entitled Lou Dobbs, "Advocacy" Journalist? In the World of CBS, biased reporters - such as the dozens exposed in the entries here as well as Stahl herself, Ed Bradley, and Steve Kroft - are real journalists, but only Dobbs blurs the lines.

Maria Hinojosa/PBS Now interviews Chris Simcox - 05/05/07

Maria Hinojosa of PBS Now interviews the founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Chris Simcox, here. I didn't listen to the interview, and I have a neutral position on Simcox and his group [1].

AVWatch: Villaraigosa promoting allegedly Mexico-linked group - 05/04/07

Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa rushed back from his supposed trade mission to Central America and Mexico to deal with the aftermath of the MacArthur Park mini-riot. Now, that he's back in our country, he's holding a press conference. While he says he believes in due process, he's implying that it doesn't apply in this case since it's so obvious that the police overreacted.

The Wit And Wisdom of Illegal Immigration Marchers - 05/01/07

No, the pages aren't blank, but something else is. In all these reports, the listed quotes and all the rest are presented completely unopposed. No one is around to point out to them some extremely basic facts: a) they weren't kidnapped and brought here against their will, b) they're already citizens, just not of this country, c) they're welcome to leave at any time, and d) U.S. citizenship is a privilege, not a right. * "Us not being in school is showing the government they're going to lose money if they send us all back to Mexico." [1] * "They should help them get their papers, they're out...

Rudy Giuliani is braindead on immigration - 05/01/07

Rudy Giuliani has laid out his immigration plan to something called the "Latino Coalition". Assuming the article is correct, it's clear to me that he and/or his advisors aren't able to figure things out, and he is simply unqualified to be president: Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) told members of the Latino Coalition on Tuesday that U.S.

May Day 2007: Peter Prengaman ignores Mexico links - 05/01/07

Peter Prengaman of the AP has a habit of not revealing the material affiliations of those he quotes. The latest instance comes in the much-updated "Protesters Press for Path to Citizenship": ..."If we don't act, then both the Democratic and Republican parties can go back to their comfort zones and do nothing," said Angelica Salas, director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA). "They won't have the courage to resolve a major situation for millions of people." ..."They announced the decision first and then they called us to consult us," said Jorge Mujica, a...

Great American Boycott II: May Day illegal immigration marches - 04/30/07

May 1 is the big day for supporters of illegal immigration, as once again foreign citizens will take to our streets, making a show of force and demanding that we change our laws to suit them. In last year's marches, some of the organizers had links to the Mexican government and Mexican political parties, yet that was barely noted even when it appeared in mainstream articles from the Chicago Tribune and others. And, in some cases it wasn't mentioned.

"Mexican Officials Coached Witnesses In Border Patrol Murder Case" - 04/26/07

From this: ...When prosecutors in Arizona's Cochise County proudly announced the first-degree murder charges against Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett this week, the failed to mention some important details that could prove damaging to their case. First is the fact that their key witnesses are the two brothers and a sister-in-law of the shot man, who incidentally joined him on his illegal border crossing journey. Secondly, is the fact that Mexican Consul officials were allowed to interview and coach the already biased witnesses before they gave statements to U.S. authorities. Mexican...

Generous: Mexico might pay part of UHC for Mexicans in California! - 04/24/07

The San Francisco Chronicle's Tyche Hendricks offers "Mexico's health czar seeks better care for Mexicans in California". The new Felipe Calderon administration is developing a system of universal health care and they want to extend it to their citizens living in California. And, in a wonderful sign of generosity, they might pay part of the bill! How very, very kind of them.

Mexican consulate opening in Little Rock (Huckabee, Beebe) - 04/24/07

A new Mexican Consulate is opening in Little Rock, Arkansas tomorrow. The consul is Andres Chao and the "event coordinator" for the opening is Liliana Olea. Gov. Mike Beebe will be out of town and is sending Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, but he's nonetheless ecstatic: "Any time you have a foreign government that chooses your city for a location, it's potentially an economic boost, it's certainly a cultural boost and it certainly allows interaction between people that have a kinship to whatever country that might be." As you might expect, there's a "Huck" connection: The idea of establishing a...