Questions the MSM won't ask about Arnold Schwarzenegger's "healthcare for illegal aliens" plan

Arnold Schwarzenegger - California's Bush-resembling, Mexico-pandering, Rove/Kennedy/Mexico-linked governor - has announced some of the details of his universal healthcare plan, and it includes healthcare for all residents regardless of immigration status.

Thus, these questions that need to be asked and answered, but which will not be. I strongly urge everyone in California to go to any event where this plan is promoted or Arnold or an Arnold-linked person speaks and try to publicly ask these or similar questions. Don't be shy and don't hold back: try to end political careers if you can do it.

1. Won't this increase illegal immigration?

2. Won't this increase corporatism, with businesses being able to pay an effectively lower-than-market wage with the other costs being paid for by the state?

3. Won't this be yet another benefit that the Mexican government will send their people north to get? Won't we increase that country's dependence on the U.S. and decrease the chance that they'll reform?

4. What role, if any, did Arnold's campaign advisor who's linked to the Mexican government play in all this? For gosh sakes, he's listed right on a Mexican government website ( Did Arnold take any advice from him when crafting this scheme?

UPDATE: Here's the start of a script that someone could use:

"If the manager of a donut shop puts out a sign saying, 'Free Donuts' but doesn't first determine how many people will come for the free donuts, how many donuts are available, and what happens when the donuts run out, then I'm sure we can agree that the manager is incompetent and has no right to be running a donut shop. With that in mind, I'd like you to provide me detailed answers to these questions:

1. Have you estimated how many new illegal aliens will come here to take advantage of this plan (yes or no)? If so, what is that number?
2. Have you estimated how many new illegal aliens it would take before the plan is negatively impacted (yes or no)? If so, what is that number?
3. What do you intend to do if large numbers of illegal aliens come here in part because of this plan and have a negative impact on the scheme?"