Terrorism, drugs, illegal immigration links; Middle Easterners masquerading as Mexicans; Reyes

In September, one Miguel Alfonso Salinas and three other illegal aliens were arrested by the Border Patrol in New Mexico. After investigation, they discovered that wasn't his real name and he was actually a Muslim from Egypt [see also 2004's "Congressman: Terrorists are infiltrating the U.S. via Mexico"]. They haven't determined whether he has any links to terrorists. On the wider issue:
...Evidence of "special-interest aliens" using the Mexican border to gain entry to the United States has been kept secret from the American public, according to federal law enforcement agents, terrorism experts and critics of U.S. foreign policy with Mexico.

In 2005, the Border Patrol apprehended approximately 1.2 million people in the U.S. illegally. Of those, 165,000 were from countries other than Mexico, and roughly 650 were, like Kamal, from special-interest countries, according to the Border Patrol.

Those interviewed by the Daily Bulletin say agencies including the FBI and CIA are not using information from Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement Administration agents to make connections between the drug trade, illegal immigration and terrorist organizations.

"For us to believe that Mexican smugglers will not assist, knowingly or unknowingly, foreign terrorists trying to enter the United States is incomprehensible," said Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, who, along with other congressional representatives, has pushed for stricter border security policies.
And, FWIW, the DEA says that Asian crime groups could work with Mexican groups to import drugs into the U.S.:
...But federal agents say getting bureaucrats to understand the growing danger is difficult when most lawmakers won't even acknowledge many of the problems already happening along the U.S. border.

..."We had video and photographs [of a border incursion by the Mexican Army or groups dressed as same]," [Sheriff Arvin West of Hudspeth County] said. "We went to Congress and testified before them with the evidence in hand. And we were told by Congressman (Silvestre) Reyes (D-El Paso) that we were either lying or mistaken."

Reyes, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, and U.S. and Mexican government officials tried to play down the documents and the incident in Hudspeth County. They stated publicly that the cartels were dressing like Mexican military to damage relations between the U.S. and Mexico.

Reyes, who recently was appointed chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, did not return phone calls seeking comment...
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once more its all part of the plan to kill the ideals of laws. and yes we the people who can see have known that our little yellow brothers have been working with the Mexican Government Groups to import drugs for over 30 years, the reds in china setup a deal with the CIA And the NSA With the mexicans gangs hate groups here in L.A. Its been out in the open for 15 years but the mass number of people don't care. buy Guns for life.

and may God Help you all.