WFMOJALI: Gil Cedillo wants driver's licenses for illegal aliens, again and again

Welcome to the second edition of "Working For Mexico, Or Just Acts Like It?", which will feature legislators and others who - while they may not actually be receiving cash payments from Mexico - certainly act like it (previously: Kyrsten Sinema).

It's also the ninth edition of this post's subject, California state senator Gil Cedillo ("One Bill Gil"), attempting to give CA driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

On the 15th of this month Cedillo introduced the latest version of SB60. It's currently in the Transportation and Housing committee, and the text of it is here. It implements the new federal Real ID requirements, with some additions:
Existing law requires the department to require every applicant for an original driver's license or identification card to submit satisfactory proof that the applicant's presence in the United States is authorized under federal law and prohibits the department from issuing a license or card to a person who does not do so. Existing law requires the department to adopt regulations, including procedures for verifying citizenship or legal residency of applicants for driver's licenses and identification cards, and to make a specified report, annually.

This bill would repeal those requirements on the date that the Secretary of State receives a notice from the Director of Motor Vehicles indicating that the department is in compliance with the implementation of the federal Real ID Act of 2005.
Gray Davis signing one of the earlier bills played a large role in his recall. Arnie Schwarzenegger has since vetoed a bill or two, but considering his new "centrist" role and his link to the Mexican government it's not clear what he'd do now.

If you'd like to politely but firmly suggest that Cedillo is in the wrong country:


George we have one hope his name is Ron Pual.
See Alex Jones.
if the boys in washington can be stopped from doing more evil, Ron Pual would stop this madness.

but i also think that voting is so fix its a joke.

Change my previous post's first sentence to read, "Fred, maybe they wouldn't do so in your state, but in Alabama and Georgia they certainly would."

Fred, maybe they wouldn't do so in your state, but in Alabama and Georgia they certainly wouldn't. Some of your California people have some strange views about illegal immigration that are not held outside your state. There are still states in our country that believe in our sovereignty, and will not submit to extortion or blackmail by Hispanic advocacy groups.

If Cedillo's license serves to subvert federal law, no one to whom the license is submitted as a form of identification can be forced to accept its validity. I can imagine many occasions where it would be refused, especially when the business would be taking a chance on the holder's long term presence in the country or was renting furniture or other items that might be lost as the result of deportation.

thank you George but the cops will never Arrest Aliens for some license. but that is a great Constitution point.

Since the license is issued contrary to federal law, Article IV, section I of the Constitution, the Full Faith and Credit clause may not apply, so other states may not be required to accept the non-compliant licenses. Illegal aliens using such licenses may be arrested for driving without a license in any state other than California.

With a little effort at disinformation in the form or rumor, this license could be discredited to the point where illegal aliens would fear using it.

I can see the feds using the list of non-compliant license holders to set up a sting by sending contest winner notifications using the requirement that the winner prove Mexican citizenship. That way we let the illegl alien make the confession and ICE won't even have to prove a thing.

George is right, the fact is soon we will all be working for mexico city, after-all Bush is, cash payments to drug dealers normal business, gil cadillo is a idiot but so is our government it deliberately closing its eyes to millions of people here who have no right to be here, we will all have a fence around us all soon.
hey boys! its about control,what its all about, calderon said it best "its all about the capital". sad world 2007.

Few sympathizers will obtain non-compliant cards to aid in confusing the issue, as federal Real ID licenses will be required as identification for boarding a plane.

Employers require photo IDs along with Social Security Cards for hiring purposes. It will be difficult for them to declare to ICE that they didn't suspect an applicant of being illegal when the applicant could only present a non-compliant card.

Yea, George, and the federal government can subpeona the State of California driver's license records to identify those possessing non-compliant licenses and suspected illegal aliens. Possession of non-compliant licenses could be subject to warrants. ICE could obtain their home addresses and make arrests easier. If the state doesn't comply with the warrant, a good case could be made to a federal judge that the state legislature of California is aiding an abetting illegal immigration.

Illegal aliens drive in California anyway, with or without a driver's license. His idea is a great one, and he's an idiot. Those with licenses that do not comply with the Real ID Act will have to be visually different and as such, will have the effect of exposing illegal aliens. Those communities with law enforcement officials cooperating with ICE will have a new tool at their disposal. Any illegal aliens outside a sanctuary jurisdiction will stand out as an illegal alien, when they present their driver's license for any purpose, and be subject to a report to ICE. Agents of public or private transactions requiring identification can require the presentation of a driver's license, and the people employed in such activities can demand a photocopy or just copy down the address, and report the presenter to ICE.