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No one's on the fence as Mexico rips 'disgraceful' plan, U.S. cites security

Dudley Althaus and James Pinkerton/December 28, 2005/Houston Chronicle/ link

...The Mexican campaign against the fence seems to be resonating in Latin America. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, for instance, has praised Mexican officials' tough stand, calling it "worthy of the dignity of the people of Pancho Villa, of Emiliano Zapata, of the Aztecs."

Mexican officials have gone as far as hiring an American public relations firm, Dallas-based Allyn and Co.

Rob Allyn, its president, said the firm's mandate was to promote positive images of a changing Mexico and would not work directly on immigration issues...

...Condemning the U.S. anti-immigration measures outright may prove counterproductive, said Rick Swartz, a Washington lobbyist who in past year has worked for both the Mexican government and pro-immigration groups on immigration issues...


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