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Nutroots: Blue America PAC joins with Mexico-linked group to support illegal immigration (anti-Rahm Emanuel) - 11/14/07

The Blue America PAC - a nutroots/netroots group composed of Firedoglake, Down with Tyranny (run by Howie Klein), Crooks and Liars, and Digby - has apparently decided to make Rahm Emanuel look mainstream by comparison. They're launching a campaign to "fight for the soul of the Democratic Party on immigration issue", i.e., to support massive illegal immigration and an amnesty [1]. Their first ad accuses Emanuel of "betraying" "immigrants" by not opposing the deportation of someone. While her case isn't explained - they usually aren't, at least factually - it sounds like she entered the U.S....

Center for American Progress misleads about "progressive" label - 11/14/07

One unremarked note about the topic of Hillary Clinton's weakness is that some of her minions, while effective, are also lightweights. Media Matters has been able to get a few of their smears into the wider sphere, but they've also damaged what little reputation they had by failing to contextualize or misinterpreting remarks. Another example is the Center for American Progress, a group that can't seem to get anything right.

Howie Klein/FireDogLake promotes Josh Hoyt/ICIRR - 11/10/07

Howie Klein at FireDogLake is welcoming Josh Hoyt (aka Joshua Hoyt), executive director of the ICIRR (Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights) to discuss matters with their visitors [1]. That group is a virulent supporter of illegal immigration, and they and their president Juan Salgado helped organize the major Chicago illegal immigration marches last year. Salgado also serves on an advisory committee to Mexico's president, and wrote this letter to Vicente Fox. By promoting him, the FireDogLake crew are in effect being useful idiots for the Mexican government. However, things...

James Pinkerton, Mark Potok, Doris Meissner oppose citizen action against illegal immigration - 11/05/07

James Pinkerton of the Houston Chronicle offers "Taking border battle to the streets" about a local group (U.S. Border Watch) that protests in front of day laborer sites. While it's not as bad as other similar articles, he takes his lead from LBJ: he doesn't call them racists, he just makes them deny it. [see the update] Far from the halls of Congress and the front lines of the Southwest border, the divisive immigration debate is being played out in local neighborhoods, including the Houston area. A number of groups have upped the ante by moving from debate to confrontation, attempting to...

Morris Dees/SPLC: Lou Dobbs will one day be "depicted like George Wallace" (Don Walton) - 10/23/07

Don Walton of Lincoln, Nebraska's Journal Star offers a gushing report of a stop by Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (link). We're informed that he's "increasingly focused now on Latino immigrant worker rights". Of course, what he really wants to do is give foreign citizens additional rights.

Mary Peters, Carlos Gutierrez, Mexican official team up to promote Mexican trucks in U.S. - 10/18/07

From this: Bush administration officials [Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez] held a news conference with Mexico's transportation secretary [Luis Tellez] yesterday to respond to criticism of a program allowing Mexican trucks on U.S. roads, but critics in Congress who helped pass counter-legislation are unmoved... ...By overwhelming margins, the Senate and the House adopted identical amendments into the Transportation/HUD Appropriations bill that would cut off federal funds for the truck project. The House passed the measure 411-3...

Vicente Fox "Revolution of Hope" co-author: Bush-linked Rob Allyn - 10/13/07

The co-author of Vicente Fox's book "Revolution of Hope" - which he's currently on tour promoting - is none other than Mexico's very own bought-and-paid-for propagandist, Rob Allyn. In 2005 he was paid $720,000 by the Mexican government to help show their side of massive immigration from that country.

Center for American Progress' indirect Mexican government link (Henry Fernandez, Kica Matos) - 10/13/07

Henry Fernandez, Senior Fellow at the Clinton-linked Center for American Progress, is hosting a CAP event entitled "Strange Bed Fellows? Anti-immigration Organizations and Hate Groups" on October 18 [1]. The panelists are Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center (a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government) and Devin Burghart from the Center for New Community. Luckily, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and I saw this: Fernandez lives with his wife Kica Matos and their son in New Haven, Connecticut. Matos is the former head of Junta for Progressive Action, a group that's...

Vicente Fox: FTAA common currency (Amero), Hillary for president, Bill Richardson, driver's licenses, lies about heathcare... - 10/11/07

On Monday's Larry King show, former Mexican president Vicente Fox: * Said that the Free Trade Agreement of the Americans (FTAA; called in Spanish ACLA) on which he worked with president Bush was to, long-term, include a common "Latin American" currency. Since that agreement would apply to the U.S., the currency would apply here as well... * Promoted immigration from Mexico, "guest" workers, and NAFTA... * Lied about U.S. citizens not paying the healthcare costs for illegal aliens... * Agreed with Felipe Calderon's claim that "Mexico does not stop at its border"... * Promoted driver'...

National Latino Congreso: "No Human Being is Illegal", Nativo Lopez, Gil Cedillo, Kucinich, Cuban Five, Fairness Doctrine, and more! - 10/07/07

The 2nd annual "National Latino Congreso" - a meeting of hundreds of "Latino organizational leaders, elected officials, and activists at all levels" is currently underway in Los Angeles ( Yesterday, Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times offered a whitewashed report here. Let's take a look at the groups involved and some of the loony resolutions that were passed. Expect the MSM coverage to be in line with Gorman's report: it will completely cover for far-left racial demagogues and avoid mentioning the loony resolutions. Their "conveners' include: * League of United Latin...

New York Times editorial: stop the "ugly" immigration raids! - 10/04/07

Someone has to do it, so let's look at the latest New York Times immigration editorial entitled "Stop the Raids" (link). Because of recent and apparently sloppy immigration raids on Long Island, the NYT is now calling for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to be much more careful.

Mexican consuls to increase push for amnesty (propaganda, anti-defamation) - 10/03/07

From this: The Mexican government is giving its consulates in the U.S. wide latitude to ramp up a campaign to toughen their defense of immigrants and plans to give them more resources as well, officials familiar with the strategy said. ...Among the actions under discussion are the creation of an anti-defamation league similar to that focused on protecting Jews; budget increases for some of the 47 consulates, especially in regions such as North Texas, where Mexican migration has been swift and plentiful; and a media campaign aimed at counteracting groups opposed to illegal immigration and...

Let's discredit Deacon Sam Dunning (Houston day laborer center) - 09/27/07

Something called the "Cypress Creek Interfaith Coalition for Economic Development" wants to establish a day laborer site in northwest Houston; their members include the Cypress Creek Christian Church (associate pastor: Franklin Moore) and perhaps the Catholic Church. A public meeting was held last night, and the following clip has Deacon Sam Dunning from the Houston Archdiocese of the Catholic Church ( supporting the center and taking questions from the audience.

George Soros linked to illegal immigration marches? (Actually, try the Mexican government) - 09/26/07

Investor's Business Daily offers "The Soros Threat To Democracy". The part about immigration isn't entirely accurate, and they may have fallen for puffery by George Soros' Open Society Institute: Didn't the mainstream media report that 2006's vast immigration rallies across the country began as a spontaneous uprising of 2 million angry Mexican-flag waving illegal immigrants demanding U.S. citizenship in Los Angeles, egged on only by a local Spanish-language radio announcer? ...Turns out that wasn't what happened, either. Soros' OSI had money-muscle there, too, through its $17 million Justice...

Obama immigration interview: he'd make situation far worse (Kevin Johnson/UC Davis) - 09/25/07

Professors Kevin Johnson (, Jennifer Chacon, and Bill Hing of UC Davis have scored a true coup for the blogosphere: an interview about immigration with Barack Obama!

Esmeralda Bermudez spins Mexican textbooks in Oregon public schools - 09/21/07

Esmeralda Bermudez of the Oregonian offers (oregonlive . com/education/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/news/1190174129275910.xml) "Mexican lesson plans crossing the border". The Mexican government - with the assistance of useful idiots and others - has managed to get their curriculum [1] used in three Oregon high schools. This is only the latest similar incident [2].

Hillary Clinton healthcare plan begins with possible Big Lie - 09/17/07

See if you can spot the possible whopper contained in Hillary Clinton's new healthcare plan (new report here, described at her site here): Hillary Clinton unveiled the third part of her plan to ensure that all Americans have affordable, quality health insurance...

UFCW, Mexico-linked Peter Schey sue DHS over immigration raids (4th Amendment, yeah sure) - 09/14/07

From a UFCW press release (link): The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), today, sought court intervention to protect the 4th Amendment rights of all Americans and enjoin the government from illegally arresting and detaining workers including U.S. citizens and legal residents while at their workplace. The lawsuit - filed in the U.S.

Trans-Texas Corridor to extend south into Mexico - 09/10/07

From this: Official Mexican government reports reveal Mexico has entered discussions with the state of Texas and top officials in the Bush administration to extend the Trans-Texas Corridor into Mexico, with a plan to connect through Monterrey to the deep-water Mexican ports on the Pacific, including Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas.

Peter Prengaman, Travis Loller spin "reconquista" - 09/07/07

Peter Prengaman and Travis Loller of the Associated Press offer "Anti-Immigration Forces Warn of Plot" (original AP title). It discusses those that favor some form of "reconquista" and those who oppose them and tries to downplay the influence that those favoring "reconquista" have. On the other hand, it's good to see the AP at least acknowledging that such sentiments exist and publicizing them.

Illegal alien crime victims get U-visas (Mexico-linked Peter Schey, Anna Gorman) - 09/06/07

Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times informs us that due to a lawsuit brought by the Mexico-linked Peter Schey of the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, some illegal aliens who've been victims of violent crimes will get U visas.

ACLU, MALDEF, NILC sue over Arizona worker verification law - 09/05/07

From this: The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) joined the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Arizona, the law firm of Altshuler Berzon and the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) in filing a lawsuit in federal court today on behalf of Chicanos Por La Causa and Somos America challenging Arizona's new law ["Legal Arizona Workers Act", which uses the Basic Pilot Program] that threatens employers with permanent loss of business licenses based on invalid new state requirements. ..."Under federal law, participation in the Basic Pilot Program is voluntary...

Mexico trying to get visa for Elvira Arellano - 09/04/07

The gift that is recently deported illegal alien Elvira Arellano just keeps giving: The Mexican government said Tuesday it is talking with U.S. officials about whether a deported illegal migrant and activist could return to the United States. ...Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa said she approached U.S.

Felipe Calderon protests "persecution and abusive treatment of undocumented Mexican workers" - 09/02/07

Reuters offers the falsely-titled "Mexico's Calderon protests U.S. crackdown on immigrants". While to a certain extent his protest may just be for domestic consumption (per Reuters it was followed by "raucous applause"), based on past statements from other Mexican leaders it amply illustrates how they think: "I want to express again an energetic protest at the unilateral measures taken by the U.S.

Rachel Uranga/Daily News on "anti-illegal immigrant groups" - 09/02/07

Ethnic booster/"reporter" Rachel Uranga of the Los Angeles Daily News offers (dailybulletin . com/beyondborders/ci_4177151) "Ranks of anti-illegal immigrant groups swelling". The title tells you most you need to know: while some of those groups may be "anti-illegal immigrant", others may actually be anti-illegal immigration and have no particular animus towards most of the illegal aliens themselves.

Judge Maxine Chesney blocks no-match (ACLU, AFL-CIO) - 09/01/07

Spencer S. Hsu of the Washington Post offers the falsely titled "Immigrant Crackdown Halted": A federal judge yesterday barred the Bush administration from launching a crackdown Tuesday on U.S. employers who hire illegal immigrants while she considers a lawsuit by the AFL-CIO that charges that the plan will harm citizens and other legal workers. The ruling, issued by U.S. District Judge Maxine M. Chesney in San Francisco, prohibits the Department of Homeland Security from starting to mail notices to 140,000 employers about suspect Social Security numbers. The "no- match" letters warn of...

Over 20% of those without health insurance are not citizens - 08/29/07

There's a picture here with Census Bureau figures from 2006 showing that over 20% of those without health insurance are not citizens (~46 million and ~10 million). They don't indicate what percentage of the 10 million are here legally vs. those here illegally, but surely a good percentage are illegal aliens.

Mexico: the U.S. demands you make Elvira Arellano a "peace and justice" ambassador! - 08/29/07

The recently deported former illegal alien Elvira Arellano now wants to be named as a "peace and justice" ambassador, which would enable her to come back to the U.S., presumably under diplomatic immunity.

Thanks, Huckabee: Arkansas Mexican consul opposing immigration laws - 08/28/07

Back in 2003, former Arksansas governor and current presidential contender Mike Huckabee asked Vicente Fox to establish a Mexican consulate in Arkansas. They opened that earlier this year, and consul Andres Chao has been a busy beaver: A sweeping [Prop.

Elvira Arellano L.A. protest draws several hundred - 08/26/07

Christopher Weber of the Associated Press informs us that supporters of the recently-deported illegal alien Elvira Arellano (what he calls "immigrant rights activists") marched through downtown Los Angeles yesterday. The high estimate of those attending is 2000 from the organizers, with the unnamed authorities saying it was just 600.

Elvira Arellano, Mexican lawmakers to push immigration "reform" - 08/22/07

It looks like Elvira Arellano is going to be the gift that keeps on giving: she'll continue to push for an amnesty from Mexico, and she'll be assisted in that by Mexican politicians. Her radicalism (see the fifth update to that link) can be used to discredit all of her future efforts and those with whom she's linked; if we're lucky some additional U.S. leaders might decide to help her cause. From this (via this): ...Mexican authorities and activists wasted no time in trying to capitalize on Arellano's new cachet, scrambling to align themselves with Arellano and gently suggesting what the...

"Mexico accused of framing border agent" (Corbett, withholding witnesses) - 08/11/07

From this: Mexico is withholding key witnesses that could exonerate Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett of second-degree murder charges and paying for others to testify against him, asserts a union leader. Brandon Judd, vice president of U.S. Border Patrol Union Local 2544, told WND the Mexican consulate is taking care of all the expenses of three Mexican witnesses to the shooting so they can remain in the U.S.

CNN/Youtube: Don't ask Mike Huckabee this question - 08/02/07

Dear CNN: Please do not choose the following video for the upcoming GOP debates.

Mexico, environmentalists oppose border fence; Argentina insulted - 08/01/07

From this: Mexico is calling on the United States to alter a plan to expand border fences designed to stem illegal immigration, saying the barriers would threaten migratory species accustomed to roaming freely across the frontier. Ways to minimize environmental damage from the fences could include the creation of cross-border bridge areas so that ecosystems remain connected and "green corridors" of wilderness without roads that would be less attract

Obama proud of "walking the walk" on supporting illegal immigration - 07/23/07

Some senators just talk the talk on being supporters of massive illegal activity. Senator Barack Obama walks the walk and he's not afraid to point that out. Speaking at the convention of the extremist-funding National Council of La Raza yesterday, he said: "Find out how many senators appeared before an immigration rally last year.

Mexican ambassador admits mistakes, hypocrisy, changes tactics not goal - 07/20/07

From this: Mexico's ambassador to the United States yesterday said previous Mexican officials made a "dumb mistake" by issuing comic books to aid illegal aliens crossing the border, and said his government cannot criticize U.S.

Book: "Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista" - 07/17/07

From the SPLC* Review of Books comes news of a book called "Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista": Now, courtesy of former Navy SEAL Matthew Bracken, comes the American version [of Camp of the Saints] - a portrait of the apocalypse Bracken fears will overtake America thanks to undocumented immigration from the south.

Senator Mel Martinez: revive illegal immigration amnesty in the House (recall petition!) - 06/29/07

Speaking at a meeting of the Mexico-linked National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), Republican Party chairman and Senator Mel Martinez said he wants to revive the Bush/Senate massive illegal immigration amnesty scheme, this time starting in the House. Short answer: see this recall petition. Longer answe

Bush/Kennedy/Senate illegal immigration amnesty fails; what now? - 06/28/07

The Bush/Kennedy/Senate illegal immigration amnesty has gone down to ignominious defeat, a major victory for the - dare I say it - American side. Bush's brief remarks are here: Legal immigration is one of the top concerns of the American people and Congress's failure to act on it is a disappointment. The American people understand the status quo is unacceptable when it comes to our immigration laws.