Catholic Charities: bagmen for corrupt businesses?

The Catholic Charities office in Avon, Colorado (located in Eagle County, home of Vail) won't be getting their usual allotment of $25,000 from that county because they don't ask about their clients' immigration status as the newly-passed Proposition 300 appears to require. That determination was done by Colorado Attorney General John Suthers; the director of Catholic Charities in Eagle and Garfield counties, Tom Ziemann, disagrees.

The latter provides this quote:
"I'm sure there are a lot of people applauding (the state law)," Ziemann said. "But some people out there know this community has a vested interest in what we do."
When I read that, I said to myself that they should try to get money from those corrupt businesses that profit from illegal labor, since - in addition to illegal aliens and indirectly and in a minor way the Mexican government - that's who they're benefiting. The more services illegal aliens are able to get from the state or private agences, the fewer services employers have to provide and the more money they can make off of illegal activity.

I'm sure Ziemann wouldn't quite put it the same way. Rather, he put it this way:
To that end, Ziemann said he's looking for help from local businesses.

"I hope some of them might be willing to partner with us," he said.

"There aren't many foundations that like to fund these programs because it's so political," Ziemann added. "Many businesses benefit from immigrant workers. We're hoping they'll recognize this is the right thing to do."


Small scale selective immigration(and from a variety of host countries,not overwhelming from Mexico and Central America as we have now) at least holds out the possibility of assimilation, but the kind of massive, uncontrolled immigration we have now will simply recreate in the US the kinds of conditions that obtain in the sending countries.

Here are some examples from the field of animal welfare:
Throwing dogs on the street is a very common practice here, especially when they are found to be pregnant. Most of the puppies that are born on the streets die before they reach four months of age. The ones that live go on to reproduce. Street dogs are treated by most people here as vermin. Some people purposely try to run them over, and the ones injured by cars are left for dead. They are also poisoned, abandoned, starved, but mostly they

"Oh Yes" the old game being played in front of people who don't want to see how evil this is.

the catholic charities have always been corrupt that is the name of the game, for well over 40 years many drug dealers use catholic charities as bankers inside mexico and the former USA, SEE DEA, The fact that state government is in with the charities means someone or many people are getting big money. by Guns.

One of the big boys who works on the inside is well known to be a big mexican shot for the north american union ( read drug dealers in political play ) and the aliens have been promised your life but the sad fact that most will get nothing but mexico after all isn't that what the catholic church and we all know who its real clients are or do we?