Mexico: the U.S. demands you make Elvira Arellano a "peace and justice" ambassador!

elvira arellano calderon

The recently deported former illegal alien Elvira Arellano now wants to be named as a "peace and justice" ambassador, which would enable her to come back to the U.S., presumably under diplomatic immunity. She had a private meeting with Felipe Calderon, but now the Mexican government just says they discussed some form of visa, and not a diplomatic assignment.

Whatever the case, I say: "please, Mexico, grant her wish!"

Why, they could go even further and encourage her to openly work with the Democratic Party and leading "immigrants rights" groups. We can always dream.


We should say "OK, she's in" THe Mexican elitist diplomatic aristocracy needs a peasant skank sovereignty abandoner to advocate for their citizens. NOooooooo I can't go back to the gulag og Mexico, I'd rather be an illegal in America than a citizen in Mexico! Her campaign cornerstone "dump Mexico, flee to Amerika where they pay you to ake bastards!"

She's got chutzpah, I'll give her that. Someone should tell her they've got airports in Mexico -- maybe she could get a job at one of them. I hope one of her questions to Calderon was: Why is our country so fucked up that I have to head north to Gringoland just to get a lousy goddamn job cleaning airport toilets?

She'll never be able to penetrate our UAV screen.

Hey now wait a minute...I need fair warning when I need a BARF bag to read my daily LONEWACKO!!!

Hard to believe someone actually jumped the skank.

Now now, try and be civilized people. They are posing with the chicken and snake flag. This is appropriate for a chicken and snake country like mexico.

I will not get mad, I will not get mad, I will say this buy guns. Look people the new holocaust has started it will not be camps and gas this time it will be mass population from the third world that removes us from the face of the earth. This little woman is nothing she is a tool of racism, the world is made up of fools who will follow anyone and if you few don't get with it and start to see what its all about you will disappear from the face of this earth. A STUDY WAS DONE IN EUROPE A FEW YEARS AGE. IT FOUND, that the owrlds population was 40 % white in 1907,after the 1st world war 10 % of the white population was wipped off the face of the earth due to war its called racial suicide, 15 % more wipped off the earth by ww 2, at the end the 20th century the white race is only 15 % of the worlds population and within 50 years down to 2 % of the worlds popultaion what is happening with mass race immigration to white nation states is holocaust.

by the way that's world not owrlds but its funny, we are doomed as a people we may as well go-out fighting. this woman is the face of evil and you don't see it.

If you'd like to really learn about who Elvira is (and she's quite the radical), read it here from an American in Mexico.

Fred, You are going off the deep end buddy. Lonewacko, Letting Elvira back into the country simply so she could rally the Open Borders masses for a march on the Democratic 2008 convention would be a Republican Rat-Fucking stunt that would give Lee Atwater a drug free 4 hour hard on. There is the real possibility of Hillary getting the nomination after winning the primaries by pandering to Latinos, only to be greeted with the MEChA, Aztlan, ANSWER, and the Neo-Wobbly anarchist loons rioting outside convention. It would sink the Democrats chances and blow should have been an easy victory next year. It would be a worse meltdown that Dukakis in 1988 over his insanely stubborn refusal to reform the MA. prison furlough system even when he was repeatedly warned by folks in his own party that it could turn into an election year debacle. Like I have said, Democrats like myself have been trying to warn folks that continuing to pander to Hispanic Radical groups like La Raza and LULAC long after public opinion on immigration has shifted will come back to bite us in the ass big time.

Llama, how would you like Elvira (it's really her puppeteer Emma Lozano) to repeat at a point of maximum media coverage what they signed their name to last year: 'The popular coalition has made great gains. We have shown that we are not only for protecting the rights of the undocumented but we are struggling for Latinos to become a voice for justice for all of Latin America. We have supported self-determination and opposed assimilation into this nationÂ’s individualistic, imperialistic values. We have taught that our people did not come here because of the American Dream but because of what the American nightmare did to our countries of origin. We have asserted that our demand to be here and to be fully enfranchised here is a right not a privilige and a destiny of our people to transform this nation.'

Ms Arellano is delusional. Even if Mexico wanted to grant her extraordinary wish, the United States would have to agree to receive her as a Mexican envoy to the United States. Perhaps, Venezuela's Chavez would like to make her his ambassador to Iran.

A moot question: the white Mexican oligarchy would never appoint an uneducated mestizo -who furthermore had a child with a still unidentified man-to any kind of diplomatic position.

The System Loves people like Elvira she makes it happy and hillary loves her a hell of a alot. The fact is the system will become what she wants total latinizing all parts of this once great nation and making it into one big hell on earth, read Vdare its full of facts people don't like. Long Live the Great USA Sad its dead, And so is the hope of a batter world for all people but it was killed by not one people but by all who can not see truth or will not see at all. Think of all the good people who died for you and when your death comes what will you say to God And all the people who came before you? evil is here and evil is winning this game.

with McCain or Obama, the white race has about 20 years before it will disappear. Buy Guns.