Mexican ambassador admits mistakes, hypocrisy, changes tactics not goal

From this:
Mexico's ambassador to the United States yesterday said previous Mexican officials made a "dumb mistake" by issuing comic books to aid illegal aliens crossing the border, and said his government cannot criticize U.S. treatment of illegal aliens as long as Mexico has harsh laws on its books.

"It's very hard for Mexico to preach to the north what it does not do to the south," Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan said in a meeting with editors and reporters at The Washington Times, referring to Mexico's felony penalties for, and sometimes cruel treatment of, those caught crossing its southern border.

"Unless we correct the fundamental challenge of the violation of human rights of Latin American or Central American migrants crossing the border into Mexico, it's very hard for me to come up and wag a finger and say you guys should protect the rights of my citizens in this country," he said, adding that changes to the Mexican law are now pending.

..."The debate over immigration is an internal debate of the United States, and as such, I hope, this house noted a dramatic shift in the positioning of the Mexican government as of Dec. 1..."
You betcha:
From May 18, 2007: "The Mexican government has been in permanent communication with distinct actors in the [immigration] debate."
From April 1, 2007 (no, not a joke): Mexican government wants to take Minuteman Project members "into custody"
From February 21, 2007: Mexico to push even harder for a massive illegal alien amnesty
But Mr. Sarukhan said Mexican officials understand Americans' trepidation and desire for a secure border, and he said they are well aware of the consequences if a breach of the U.S.-Mexican border were to be involved in a future attack on U.S. security.

"The day that happens, this relationship as we have known it, is over," he said. "I would say Mexico and the United States are working extremely well in trying to ensure that border is not used to underpin or challenge the national security of the United States."

...The ambassador said Mexico's eventual goal is the same as that of the U.S.: "The end game for us, the Mexican government, is to ensure every single Mexican who crosses this border does so legally."
No doubt he means as "guest" workers, or via massive chain migration, or perhaps even as part of the "North American Community".


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This guy Arturo Sarukhan is telling you what you want to hear, its a shaggy dog Story, and did anyone note he called the US "The North", do you know what he is really saying to you? the fact is the Mexican Army rape's over 50,000 Woman/GIRL'S and Boys each year on the Mexican BORDER, It murders over 5000 people each year and the drug dealers make billions on the mass pain of millions, this person Sarukhan has a lot of money in drugs coming here and that is why he is the so called Ambassador to the USA Or as I like to say the FORMER USA. Watch out you will see 20 million aliens coming here soon as a planned attack by the third world rulers, its called, "WEAPON OF POPULATION". Buy Guns, and May God help you all.

Either the interview was in Spanish and the writer does not know the language, or they are interpreting what the Ambassador said very, very loosely. There's no such thing as a "felony" in Mexican law, or in any of the legal codes based on Roman and Napoleonic code. "The North" (el Norte) in reference to the United States goes back to the presidency of George Washington, and hardly amounts to a coded conspiracy. Geeze, guys, get a grip.

When I read that story , my first thought was...he is up to something....

coming across your site was something interesting. i can't say i agree with most of what you say being a "liberal" but i definitely think that americans can have some middle ground on a lot of issues. i would really like to talk further with you but as you don't have any contact information that makes it kind of hard. if you are interested write me back some time after all a voyager fan can't be all that bad of a person.

To Richard Grabman Mexico was not a country until 1824 so Gen.Washington had been dead for 25 years how could that be a Reference? to this Nation of ideals and freedom? Many people Love Mexico and its evil ideals of drugs and gang murder many people do not know the history of that so called country. Stop the murder of a Nation remove all 12 million third world people by Force or be removed by that people of evil. By the way many people who are hispanics have been told from a young age that this was part of mexico when in fact the south west was never part of mexico.