George Soros linked to illegal immigration marches? (Actually, try the Mexican government)

Investor's Business Daily offers "The Soros Threat To Democracy". The part about immigration isn't entirely accurate, and they may have fallen for puffery by George Soros' Open Society Institute:

Didn't the mainstream media report that 2006's vast immigration rallies across the country began as a spontaneous uprising of 2 million angry Mexican-flag waving illegal immigrants demanding U.S. citizenship in Los Angeles, egged on only by a local Spanish-language radio announcer? ...Turns out that wasn't what happened, either. Soros' OSI had money-muscle there, too, through its $17 million Justice Fund. The fund lists 19 projects in 2006. One was vaguely described involvement in the immigration rallies. Another project funded illegal immigrant activist groups for subsequent court cases... So what looked like a wildfire grassroots movement really was a manipulation from OSI's glassy Manhattan offices. The public had no way of knowing until the release of OSI's 2006 annual report.

First, if I recall correctly, the first large march was that on March 10 in Chicago. That was followed by a Los Angeles event on March 25, organized by the March 25 Coalition.

Second, while I'd be ecstatic to find out that Soros was involved in those marches, at this point the more worrisome issue is that many of the organizers of the Chicago marches have links to the Mexican government and Mexican political parties. The issue the MSM refuses to look into is whether those organizers are in fact Mexican proxies, much the same as the U.S. has used proxies to organize demonstrations and spread propaganda in other countries.

As for Soros, the 2006 annual report is here:

Unrelated to the marches, they disclose that they fund the far-left NLG:

Several OSI grantees, including the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the Immigrant Defense Project of the New York State Defenders Association, and the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, mounted a coordinated litigation effort that culminated in a major U.S. Supreme Court victory in the case of Lopez v. Gonzales.

As for the marches, they offer no specifics on their involvement. However, they do lie by omitting the magic word ("illegal") and by pretending that illegal aliens were marching for their rights. In fact, they were marching for additional rights:

Hundreds of thousands of people from immigrant communities demonstrated in cities across the nation for recognition of their rights as people living and working in the United States. Alliances of immigrants' rights groups, faithbased organizations, civil rights groups, and others helped mobilize the massive rallies that increased immigrants' visibility and highlighted their economic and political power. They also had a positive influence on the debate over illegal immigration in Congress, changing its focus from almost exclusively enforcement to also including opportunities for immigrants to legalize their status and reunify family members.

If someone can find a list of actual organizations that Soros has funded in the immigration field that would be very helpful.


If the opposition to illegal immigration, which has been very quiet the past week while the Durbin fraud has been pushed along, doesn't start raising some additional cane it is a cinch to pass. Ahmadinejad,and Dan Rather have absorbed the conservative blogs while the Dream Act has been slinking toward the goal post. Even Michelle Malkin who has hit illegal immigration very hard, has been rather low key the past week.

The "conservative" blogs absorbed with Iran are the same ones who think sending American boys halfway around the world to die while we leave our borders undefended makes sense. They are fools.