Mexico trying to get visa for Elvira Arellano

The gift that is recently deported illegal alien Elvira Arellano just keeps giving:
The Mexican government said Tuesday it is talking with U.S. officials about whether a deported illegal migrant and activist could return to the United States.

...Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa said she approached U.S. authorities on Arellano's behalf after the 32-year-old asked Mexican President Felipe Calderon to help her return to the United States legally as a "peace and justice" ambassador.

Espinosa did not say whether Mexico planned to give Arellano the diplomatic post, but said officials were trying to determine if there was any way should could go back to Chicago.
Mexico says it hasn't heard back yet, but they're apparently waiting by the phone. The U.S. says it can't comment. Meanwhile, Saul (aka "Saulito", aka "Citizen Saul") has flown to Mexico; he'll be back in the U.S. this month to act in the role of a prop in an illegal immigration march.
Arellano said she would not back down from her request and was angered that Mexico was seeking a U.S. visa, adding that the Mexican government should not have to ask permission to send her north of the border.

"I'm not asking for any visa," she said. "I want a diplomatic post as ambassador of peace and justice, and I won't accept anything less."
It'd be great if Howard Dean or another major Democratic leader could be encouraged to lend her support; readers who have accounts at DailyKos and other sites might want to subtly nudge them towards that position.


Photo op with Bush! Come on El Presidente, show us who you really represent. And make sure the whole shamnesty crowd shows up too.

From Janitor to ambassador. Heh, this is Mexico we are talking about, who knows? By the way, lest anyone think I'm serious about this story, I was laughing all the way through writing this. Not even a Cantinflas movie could be as funny as this stuff.

Like I said, she's got chutzpah. And the Mexican government seems to have a rather high embarrassment threshold. I guess she hasn't applied for janitor jobs in Mexican airports yet.

Tanstaafl, I smell the work of Karl Rove at hand. Now that Karl Rove is no longer drawing a paycheck directly from the "Open Borders" loving Bushco, he is free to do whatever it takes to help the Republicans win in 2008. If I was Mitt Romney and declaring myself a born again Immigration Retrictionist candidate what better way distinguish myself from the rest of the pack then by seizing upon Arellano as a convenient hammer to pound my opponents. And lets face it who is going to stop Romney or the Immigration Restrictionist wing of the Republican party. McCain is now all but roadkill. While the Larry Craig has delusions of hanging on, his fall sends a clear message to his fellow Open Borders closet cases Huckleberry Graham and "Bitch" McConnel. The increasing testy and defensive Guiliani can not make a public appearance without facing questions concerning his marital and family soap opera. The prospect of the Republicans looking the other way as Arellano is allowed to become a peace and justice ambassador should be giving Democrats a bad case of the runs. This is the nightmare of decades of pandering to radical Latinos comebacking to bite the party in the ass bigtime. What could prove to be a possibly sweeter and unexpected political comeback for a now resurgent post-Bush Republican party than to have Arellano rallying the Open Borders radicals outside the Democratic convention in Denver. It would prove to be a major political meltdown/fiasco of Chicago 1968 proportions. It would be symbolic of the massive incompetence and corruption of the DLC/DNC Corporatist Clintonista leadership. Democrats could have launched a populist strategy to gain critical Blue Dog and Republican votes inorder to begin the withdrawl of US troops from the Iraq clusterfuck by embracing the growing Immigration Restrictionist Secure Borders cause. Instead the Democratic leadership has completely alienated the party's base by ignoring its 2006 mandate and basically giving in to the wildly unpopular Bush by backing the now predictably failed SURGE. Now opinion polls are showing the feckless yet Democratic controlled congress is less popular than even Bush. I literally cringe with the prospects of another Dukakis level slow motion trainwreck in 2008. As the nation was in the grips of a violent massive urban crime wave beginning in mid 1980's over the introduction of crack cocaine that Reagan was too slow to effectively combat, Dukakis waited 2 critical years to put a stop to a decades old well documented disasterous prison furlough program that was began by a Republican administration. Willie Horton may have been hitting below the belt and all but openly racist but anybody with a brain could have seen it coming a ten miles away. Dukakis ran on a vague "competence" theme yet he could not have been more incompetent in how he managed his campaign. Now the same party hacks secured the nomination for Dukakis are hell bent on coronati

Here's a woman who is poor, at best semi-literate, very unattractive (with a personality to match), and apparently too stupid to keep her knees together and she wants to be given some kind of diplomatic post? Calderon has got to be cringing - he's thinking to himself "yeah sure, I want THIS broad to be the public face of my country en el norte."

I couldn't care less about the demise of either political party. And I don't think embarrassing the pols will have much effect either. The country is turning into a turd world banana republic, they know it because they maneuvered us into this fait accompli and are trying their best to keep us from undoing it.

If she returns, does that mean she will do the accumulated jail time for staying here under supposed cover of church sanctuary for over a year, or for defying a court order to leave after being convicted of SS fraud? The sanctuary stay-over was a crime, as was the failure to depart voluntarily, and we deported her rather than prosecute. But if she wants to come back to serve her time, fine. However, as an already "convicted felon" for using false, fake, or stolen SS numbers, & for having deliberately failed to leave when court ordered, methinks we would do ourselves a favor & tell her she is among the undesirable as a potential permanent resident. She is ineligible for citizenship since she is a felon anyway, right? If not, she should be ineligible.