Senator Mel Martinez: revive illegal immigration amnesty in the House (recall petition!)

Speaking at a meeting of the Mexico-linked National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO), Republican Party chairman and Senator Mel Martinez said he wants to revive the Bush/Senate massive illegal immigration amnesty scheme, this time starting in the House.

Short answer: see this recall petition.

Longer answer:
[He] challenged [opponents of a massive legalization of illegal aliens] to come up with a solution beyond "just build a fence along the border."

"The voices of negativity now have a responsibility to come up with an answer," RNC Chairman and U.S. Senator Mel Martinez, R-Fla. said.

"How will you fix the situation to make peoples' lives better? How will you continue to grow the economy? How will we bring people out of the shadows for our national security and for the sake of being a country that is just?" he demanded...

By failing to act, the Senate also tied law enforcement's hands, Martinez said...

"We're going to have a hodgepodge of local laws. We will have cities that will declare themselves sanctuary cities. And then we will have others that will make it a felony simply to rent to illegal immigrants."
Then, he yelled, "arghhhhh!" But, seriously, about the only difference between what he said and what Howard Dean would say is that Dean is marginally saner.

Note: the link is a report from Laura Wides-Munoz who, as could be expected, does not disclose that NALEO has a link to the Mexican government.


To the RNC and Sen. Martinez: It is not the job of congress to make illegals legal and come out of the shadows. It is your job to insure that the laws and sovereignty of this country are fulfilled. If you can't fulfill the oath of your office, then you should do the right and honorable thing, by resigning and allowing someone else to fulfill that oath. If there are cities and states not complying with the laws of the land, then cut off ALL the revenue sharing money until they become compliant. They are part of this country and are as responsible for upholding the laws of the land as the federal government. They want to be part of this country and share in the benefits that are a result of being part of this nation, then they have to be responsible and uphold the law. After all, don't we hear that this is a country of laws, or are we a country of laws only when it suits those in places of authority. Those that are in the shadows are there because they are here ILLEGALLY, get it! The best thing congress can do is make it difficult for employers to hire ILLEGALS. Make examples of a few employers and you will see the problem disappear. No incentive to hire ILLEGALS and there won't be a magnet. Why does this country need a class of low cost unskilled labor that needs to be imported? You guys have wakened the sleeping giant with your arrogance and hubris. Now you will be viewed with a jaundiced eye and questioned. I would also submit that there will be a lot of changes in congressional members in the next election cycle. You have finally encouraged the public to start making term limits on you pack of arrogant thieves. That brings me to the last part of my thoughts. NO MORE MONEY, until you start acting like you are listening to the people that put you in office. By the way, you don't instill any favor by calling us racist xenophobes. I find the remarks made by those that did not like the opposition to the amnesty bill to be offensive and divisive. I am truly offended by the remarks made by the supporters of this bad legislation.

We need to let folks know they are also trying to get pieces of the immigration bill back into play. They are getting ready to introduce: 1. DREAM Act - to give illegals in state tuition at schools 2. AgJobs bill - to bring in millions of illegal farm workers 3. HighTech H1b and L1 visas...trying to bring in 2 or 3 times as many as before.

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bill, You are so right. I see yet another major MSM PR sob story campaign for the Dream Act starting right after the 4th of July and continuing into the late summer and early fall. Also, Hillary has promised way too much to Silicon Valley and her special F*ck Buddy Bill, Gates that is, not to try to do something on the H1-B front. Also having promised way to much to the radical Latino racial identity groups Hillary needs to throw some sort of bone to the MEChA less they show up at the convention in Denver next summer along with ANSWER and start a riot. The Dream Act is the best hope for keeping the Latino ethnocentric groups in line until after the election. It is also the perfect vehicle for which to attach a radical expansion of the H1-B and F4 visa programs. Neither the Latino or Corporatist lobbies like Compete America alone are strong enough in terms of potential votes or campaign cash bribery money to push through their pet legislation by themselves. Right now lots of us Anti middle class labor arbitrage visa activists are hoping the outstanding NumbersUSA members will not be suffering fatigue and will still be itching for a another fight this fall to help us stop yet another corruption of our political system cold. In the meantime the fight against the H1-B is starting to heat up. The hope is attach such a stink to the H1-B that like Amnesty politicians are afraid to go near it. If you have not seen this new sight please take a look. These Immigration Lawyer seminars videos on how to avoid having to hire qualified Americans for tech jobs are a hot item on YouTube. There are pure MACACA gold!!! To view entire disgusting 20 part video and get more info on the heinous H1-B go here

Time to dog every one of the candidates for election and nail them down on their position on the failed bill. If they supported it, have them defend every provision and how they would justify voting for those that manifestly would not work. Ask them why it is acceptable that Reid violated the spirit of democracy by surpressing amendments to correct it. The citizens desire to know a candidates attitude towards open debate and informed consent as well as his positions on the bill's provisions.

DB The only oath most Mexicans in Our Congress have is "A Race Oath", to Mexico City and its drug dealers. The only way you can Remove or Recall the Enemies of Freedom From our system is by using mass force by the people who hate the evil mass Murderers from Mexico City and the Third World. "SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS", TOTAL HATE BY THE THIRD WORLD PEOPLE AND ITS RULERS. Thank Free be Free and live by seeing the facts in front of you!