Howie Klein/FireDogLake promotes Josh Hoyt/ICIRR

Howie Klein at FireDogLake is welcoming Josh Hoyt (aka Joshua Hoyt), executive director of the ICIRR (Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights) to discuss matters with their visitors [1]. That group is a virulent supporter of illegal immigration, and they and their president Juan Salgado helped organize the major Chicago illegal immigration marches last year. Salgado also serves on an advisory committee to Mexico's president, and wrote this letter to Vicente Fox. By promoting him, the FireDogLake crew are in effect being useful idiots for the Mexican government. However, things might sort themselves out, with FDL being much more extreme than even the Democratic Party is willing to pander to:

Two weeks ago (Rahm Emanuel) sent a DCCC-connected candidate training a video of himself haranguing congressional candidates to "move right" on immigration or risk defeat at the hands of Republicans... While walking the picket line at the WGA strike at Fox today Jane and I came up with the idea of inviting Emanuel over to FDL to ask him why he thinks adopting Tom Tancredo's immigration ideas is a good idea and why he's unleashed Heath Shuler to do just that...



If the major Left/Liberal blogs like FireDogLake, Hullabaloo, HuffingtonPost and especially DailyKos are crazy enough to lock arms with reconquisa fellow travelers like Josh Hoyt & the ICIRR than heaven help the Democrats next year. It is pretty sad how wildly out of touch these bourgeois white Open Borders bloggers are with most working and middle class Democrats who actually vote. The FireDogLake Blogger "Pachacutec" (an name of an Incan conqueror poet) is a prime example. He says he is a New York Businessman, Mets Fan and Jazz collector. He gets blasted by the readership over at HuffPo everytime he posts over there.

Commandante Markos is clearly loosing it again over at DailyKos. He is busy comparing Rahm Emmanuel to the "racist xenophobe" Tom Tancredo. IS RAHM RACIST, OR MERELY SCARED? I despise Rahm Emmanuel as much as anybody. I think he a major crook who cashed in on his Congressional staffer connection to make something like $16 million as "an investment banker" when he help Clinton pass NAFTA. Yet Rahm Emmanuel is right for once. After the decades of screwing over working Americans the the Cheap Labor Republicans and Cheap Votes Democrats are facing a complete voter revolt and better get some new religion unless they wind up on the street.

_bourgeois white Open Borders bloggers_ They aren't bourgeois, and they aren't White, I don't care what color their skin is.