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Anita Cameron
Denver, CO
I'm a disability rights activist, writer, CERT, cat lover and #MillionGimpMarch organizer who has been fighting for social justice for over 30 years.
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.@adaptanita: if leading opponents had used , #SB128 wouldn't have come back. Please help make it happen.
.@adaptanita @CrousePacker: you already know the only way to stop #SB128 as a *concept*: Make @TimRosales do that.
.@adaptanita @CrousePacker: unless getting Catholic Church to spend *millions* on ads is what you want, then stop #SB128 as a concept *now*.
.@adaptanita @CrousePacker: if #SB128 fails as a bill, it will come back as a referendum (backed by Soros money). Very difficult to stop.
.@adaptanita: IOW, for business reasons, NoSuicideCA is ruling out the only sure way to stop #SB128.
.@adaptanita: NoSuicideCA is run by a for-profit lobbying company that, for business reasons, refuses to discredit #SB128 supporters.
.@adaptanita: CMA shows SB128 opposition to is doing things wrong. They need to do this *too*: Will you help out?